The Female Jungle

Female Jungle

Female Jungle is a 1955 black-and-white B-movie notable for being one of Jayne Mansfield's first films. It's rumored that Mansfield was paid $150 USD for her role in the film. The movie, which was held from release for over a year, was later reissued as "Hangover".


A cop (Tierney) is suspected of killing a gorgeous film star. Since he was extremely drunk at the time, even he suspects that he did it. As he investigates the murder, a slimy gossip columnist (Carradine) who spent time with the woman that night becomes the main suspect. But he also becomes a red herring when a third man is finally found to be the real killer.

Critical reception

In Death on the Cheap, Arthur Lyons writes that the film, although "shoddily written, produced and directed", is significant for several reasons, including "It was American International's only foray into film noir... The film also marked a return to the screen of noir icon Lawrence Tierney, whose off-screen bar brawls and numerous arrests during the 1940s had made him persona non grata in Hollywood."

Notable cast members


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