The Darkbeat EP

The Darkbeat EP

The Darkbeat EP is a vinyl EP record released by the industrial band Bile in 1997 on the now defunct record label, Energy Records. This EP is out of print and is highly sought after by fans of the band as it is a collector's item. "The Phantom God" is a remix of the track "Lowest Form" and "Planet Weather Control" is a remix of the track "Weather Control," both whose original versions can be found on the band's second album Teknowhore.

Track listing

Side 1. "The Phantom God" - 12:19
Side 2. "Planet Weather Control" - 9:05


Band members:

  • Krysztoff - Lead vocals, guitars, theramin
  • R.H. Bear - Bass
  • Brett Pirozzi - Backing vocals, guitars, bass FX
  • Jaymz Alexander - Keys
  • Von Vinhasa - Drums

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