The Ascension (Otep album)

The Ascension (Otep album)

For the biblical event, see Ascension of Jesus. For the album by Glenn Branca, see The Ascension (Glenn Branca album).

The Ascension (stylized and titled as the_Ascension on the album cover, Otep Shamaya, and the internet) is the title of the third studio album by Otep. The original release date was set for March 20, 2007 through Capitol Records, however, the album was delayed indefinitely due to the recent Capitol/Virgin Records merger. The band's status with Capitol Records is currently unknown.

The album leaked onto the internet on July 10, 2007. The album also debuted at number 81 on the Billboard 200 with 10,200 copies sold.

Track listing

All songs written by Otep Shamaya, Karma Singh Cheema, Evil J. McGuire and Brian Wolf, except where noted.

  1. "Eet the Children" - 3:47
  2. "Crooked Spoons" (G. Tribett, O. Shamaya) - 3:32
  3. "Perfectly Flawed" (H. Knight, O. Shamaya) - 3:54
  4. "Confrontation" (G. Tribett, O. Shamaya) - 3:16
  5. "Milk of Regret" - 5:58
  6. "Noose & Nail" - 3:41
  7. "Ghostflowers" - 4:24
  8. "Breed" (Nirvana cover) (Kurt Cobain) - 3:30
  9. "March of the Martyrs" - 4:16
  10. "Invisible" (G. Tribett, O. Shamaya) - 5:25
  11. "Home Grown" - 4:20
  12. "Communion" - 4:26
  13. "Adrenochrome Dreams" (Hidden Track) - 6:23
  14. "Adrenochrome Dreams begins with 3:32 of silence and doesn't officially start until 3:33. The entire song (6:23) is a poetry/spoken word song which is Otep Shamaya telling the story of a disturbing dream she once had. The track leads to the end of the album. The breakdown is as follows.
  15. Silence - 0:00 - 3:32 | Adrenochrome Dreams - 3:33 - 9:55

Bonus Tracks

  1. "Special Pets" - 3:55
  2. "Necessary Accessories" - 4:11
  3. Bonus tracks available on Japanese version and initial copies only sold in Best Buy stores.

Spoken Word Track

  1. "And I Burn" - 2:13
  2. This spoken word track can be read on the online poetry book (Caught Screaming) published by Otep Shamaya herself and can be heard when buyers buy the album online via iTunes.


  • Otep Shamaya – Vocals
  • "eVil" J. McGuire – Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals
  • Karma Singh Cheema - Guitars (studio)
  • Aaron Nordstrom – Guitars (live)
  • Brian Wolff – Drums
  • Holly Knight - Mellotron, Piano, Programming on "Perfectly Flawed"


Artwork by (art direction, design): P.R. Brown
Artwork by (art direction): Otep Shamaya
Engineer: Jeremy Parker
Assistant engineers: David Troia, Drew Vonderhaar, Wesley Fontenot
Executive producer: Jonathan Cohen, Otep Shamaya
Mastering: Ted Jensen
Photography: P.R. Brown, Sam Throne
Recording, producer, mixing: Dave Fortman
Technician (drum technician): Rory Facianne
Co-producer: Holly Knight

Notes: Recorded at Piety Street Studios, New Orleans, LA and Balance Studios, Mandeville, LA.


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