The Afflicted

Cry of the Afflicted

Cry of the Afflicted is a Canadian alternative metal band from Kelowna, British Columbia.


Cry of the Afflicted formed in December 2003. They recorded their first single "Tale of a Soul" in January 2004 and quickly rose in popularity in their city's local scene. Their first EP From The Shadows was released on September 24, 2004 and in the following month toured across Canada.

Before that they had toured as support for bands such as Misery Signals, Means, Bury Your Dead and Stutterfly.

Garrett (vocals), James (guitarist), and Nik (bassist) had been members of a band called About Face. Nik met Troy (drums) at the beach in 2003 and got talking about music. Troy and Steve (guitar) were playing in another Kelowna band. The five of them started jamming together and decided to form a new band together. They appointed Ethics Industries as their managers in July 2004.

The band released their first full length album, Consume This Wasteland, in June 2006.

Cry of the Afflicted signed to Solid State Records on January 30, 2007, and soon recorded a new album with producer Jeff Schneeweis. Released on August 14, 2007, their album The Unveiling contains 10 tracks, 3 of which were previewed on their Myspace and Purevolume websites prior to the CD's release.

We were never a metal or a hardcore band, I’d say we’re more of a modern rock band with screaming. We’ve come almost full circle. At first we were all melody with a small fraction of screaming. When we got on the road, hardcore was the popular thing and we were always the melodic band on the bill.|20px|20px|Garrett Packer, on the band's musical style|

In December 2007, the band announced that long-time guitarist Steve Lockhart was leaving their group. Lockhart's final show with the band was scheduled 12 December 2007 in their hometown of Kelowna. His full-time replacement is unknown at this time although Tyler Schwindt, of Library filled in for the subsequent 2 month tour with Emery. Since that tour they have not toured and both Troy and Nik have a large amount of gear for sale. It is rumored that they have broken up despite the fact of the contract that they have with Solid State.

On October 2nd Cry of The Afflicted played what they say is most likely to be there last show. They have no plans to write or record a new album at this time and will be on hiatus until further notice.

Current members

  • Garrett Packer - Vocals
  • James Johnson - Guitar & Vocals
  • Nik Wagner - Bass & Vocals
  • Troy Doell - Drums

Former Members

  • Steve Lockhart - Guitar
  • Tyler Schwindt - Guitar




  • 2004: From the Shadows

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