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The Fort Garry Horse is a Canadian Militia (i.e. part-time reservist) armoured regiment based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is currently part of Land Force Western Area's 38 Canadian Brigade Group.


The regiment was formed in 1912, as the 34th Regiment of Cavalry. In 1913 it was renamed 34th Fort Garry Horse.

In the First World War, volunteers from the regiment helped form the 6th Battalion, CEF, later Canadian Cavalry Depot, then later The Fort Garry Horse for active service in France.

Harcus Strachan of the regiment was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions on November 20, 1917 in France.

In 1920 the regiment was named The Fort Garry Horse in order to perpetuate The Fort Garry Horse of the CEF. In 1936 the regiment absorbed The Manitoba Horse.

During the Second World War the regiment was mobilized as the 10th Canadian Armoured Regiment (The Fort Garry Horse). It was in the vanguard on Juno Beach on D-Day.

After the war, in 1946, the regiment was reconstituted in the militia.

In 1949 the regiment was renamed The Fort Garry Horse (10th Armoured Regiment). In 1958 the regiment was split into the 1st Fort Garry Horse (in the Regular Force) and the 2nd Fort Garry Horse (in the Militia). In 1970 the Regular Force component was disbanded.

In 2003, the regiment began hosting personnel to helped create a new unit of the Canadian Military Engineers. It is planned that these personnel will eventually form 31 Engineer Squadron. The engineers in this unit have the distinction of being the only reservist in Canada to wear the black beret of the Armoured Corps with the cap badge of the Canadian Military Engineers. This has lead to some confusion for Engineers outside of the unit from time to time.

Other information

  • Facings: Yellow
  • Official Abbreviation: FGH
  • Colours: Regimental Guidon, presented to both the 1st and 2nd Fort Garry Horse in 1964. When the regular force unit was disbanded, the Guidon was presented to the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba for safekeeping.
  • Motto: Facta Non Verba (deeds not words)
  • Regimental March: El Abanico (quick), Red River Valley (slow), Alternate quick march: St. Patrick's Day
  • Unofficial Nickname: the Garrys


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