Tharn is a fictional planet in the 30th century DC Universe.

After the destruction of Zerox, most of the survivors (mostly sorcerers) resettled on Tharn.

During the economic collapse of the galaxy (as featured in the v4 Legion of Super-Heroes, Tharn was undefended when threatened by the Khund. To face this menace, the ruling sorcerer's council restored Mordru's power to him. He defeated the Khunds and set himself up as Emperor. The Legion later confronted him when he held a Green Lantern captive, eventually winning his release (though the Lantern's power ring was destroyed).

The planet has not appeared post-Zero Hour.

Other uses

Tharn is also a fictional word used to describe an animal frozen in terror.

In Richard Adams' novel "Watership Down" the term is used when the main characters, which are rabbits, see the headlights of oncoming cars and are frozen in place.

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