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Thang Online is a client-based MMORPG created by the Korean company Ubiport and currently free to play. Still under development, it already boasts a wide range of abilities, armor, and three different characters to choose from. It's also well known for having a great community and is growing rapidly.

There is a special classification of players that volunteer to help out with the game, known as Guardians. Guardians are normal players, but they have earned trust from the community. Their job is help people out. They also have the authority to mute (prevent a player from using the chat) as well as ban offensive players.

The Legend of Thang

The story goes that on the eastern side of the continent Om Lit Praga, the people and gods live in harmony and all tribes in the area, instead of warring, lived in peace. Each have their own legends, but one is shared by all: the legend about a god named On-Du. This legend says that one day, the canyon of Mana the Moon will open and On-Du will be blinded. During this time, all the monsters of evil will cross the sacred Rvai mountains (never crossed by anyone before) and when this day comes, even the gods of Sun and Wind will tremble. The land will be plagued with these monsters and all that the tribes had lived off will lose vitality. The legend warns that even domestic animals will succumb to the madness while the world grieves with terror and pain.

But though they grieve, they do not fear, for there will always be young warriors willing to take up the challenge of ridding their world of this darkness. Three warriors, one from each tribe, they above all others will have the power to defeat the evil ones. They are the ones who will fight the doom with dedication and passion. They are the chosen ones who will climb the sacred Rvai Mountains that never allowed any other's footsteps, and they are the ones who receive the spirit of Thang the Phoenix God of the Rvai in their hearts. The Seal of Thang will be opened, and the young warriors, the incarnations of Thang, will tackle each and every disaster ahead of them. Their legend begins now.


Thang Online features a range of new aspects not normally seen in today's standard massively multiplayer RPGs games. For example, when you defeat a monster, it sometimes transforms into a higher form, or sometimes into a ghost, or "Hai", which are easy to kill. They can drop Hai-Rings which are used in the refinement process. Refinement is probably the most exciting feature of Thang and makes the game known for what it is.

With the introduction of the much anticipated "Thang Episode Two" comes a new dungeon and many new high level monsters. Also included were new skills for each tribe, a complete re-balance of the Rian and On-du-Sham tribes and some new armors for the Three tribes, which are usable at level 120+.


This is the game's major feature, and entails a player "refining" armor and weapons to make them more effective.

When refining for the Kanhoa and Rian tribes, the success rate is 99% for +1, +2, and +3. For the On-Du Sham tribe (commonly referred to as "mages") it is 99% at +1 only. On-Du Sham items can only be refined five times. Rian and Kanhoa armor can be refined nine times, while their weapons can be refined up to ten times in total.

After this 99% (practically 100%) success rate, the use of Hai-Rings is normally introduced to prevent items from being consumed by the refinement process. This is commonly called "booming" in-game.

These Hai-Rings range from L1 to L9(+2), each giving its own extra chance of success. Although the actual effect of Hai-Rings is shrouded in mystery, it is generally accepted. Hai-Rings usually play a big role when rare and hard to obtain items are being refined.

When refining, you need three items:

  • Item being refined
  • "refinements" (items the player must collect in order to complete the refinement process)
  • Dien (the currency used by Thang)

The Hai-Ring is optional, however, it helps to ensure the success of the refinement.

When refining the armor or weapon, it begins to "shine" or "glow."

  • Regular items (referred to as +0) as well as +1, +2, and +3 do not produce glowing effects.
  • At +4 and +5, the item glows yellow.
  • At +6 and +7, the item glows blue.
  • At +8, +9, and Tar or Yelba, the item glows red.

Since the On-Du Sham tribe can only refine their items five times, their items glow at an earlier stage than the Rian and Kanhoa tribes. However, the only items that glow for the On-Du Sham are their weapons (called "staffs"). At +3, the staff begins to glow yellow. Weapons that are +4 glow blue, and finally, +5 staffs glow red.

As you refine items, the statistics the of item increase. The attack ratings of weapons increase; likewise, armor defense ratings also increase. With this, extra attributes are also added to armor and weapons such as Dexterity, Strength, etc.

Weapons can be refined once more after +9, giving them a Yelba or Tar trait. Certain monsters have a Tar or Yelba trait. After weapons are being refined in this last step, any Yelba monster being attacked by a weapon with the Tar attribute will receive 15% more damage. The same rule is reversed and applied to Tar related monsters. Weapons with the Yelba and Tar attributes will carry the same red glow as +8 and +9 weapons.

Skills can also be refined to Tar and Yelba after the skill has reached Level 9. When a Tar weapon is combined with a Tar skill, the player can do up to 30% more damage on Yelba monsters. Vice versa for Tar monsters and Yelba weapons.

When refining skills, you must obtain the skill at level 7, level 5, and level 3 in addition to the level 9 skill in order to refine the skill.

Lune Mall

Although this game is F2P (free to play), it has content which can only be accessed through real money. The Lune Mall, as it called, offers many premium items such as +15% attack/defense rings and +50% Experience Scrolls. This gives people who can afford to put money in a chance to get a strong footing in the game by using the items, or selling them to gain large amounts of Dien quickly. This, however, is entirely optional.


Another feature of Thang Global is its large number of skills, or spells. There are three types off skills in the game: Healing, Area of Effect (commonly shortened to just AoE) and Non Area of Effect (shortened to Non-AoE). All tribes have various skills for each different weapon. Some skills will start out as Non-AoE and develop the AoE attribute as they develop and increase their levels.



(female, powerhouse) Xena is the daughter of the elder of the Rian and also the first follower. The style of her attack is agile and precise, and she is also very good with different weapons from all sorts of tribes. Her skill with Nang is particularly outstanding. With the skill unique to the Rian for a very long time, she can ask animals such as birds or insects for help. However, she is physically weak compared to other classes.

Rian tribe is the high hitting class of Thang with highest of all attacks. Rians can level quicker than other tribes; therefore most high level people are Rians. Rians are also better suited for "farming" which is where a player, "drags" multiple MoBs into the effective area of attack, and uses an area attack, to kill them all at the same time.


(Tankers, all-rounder) Aerican is a superb class. They wield bows, swords and boomerangs (the latter being the most popular among players). They are also a good long-distance shooter when using bows. The Kanhoa is a well rounded weapon user, and has the highest defense and dexterity of the three tribes.

On-Du Sham/Ririsha

(Healers and now attack and defense Buffers, however there strong attacking potential should not be ruled out) They use Tar staffs which attack with wind with skills such as Mondabacki and Shanmau (area). They are also effective with Yelba, which is a fire attack. Ririsha is extremely intelligent; she can do a variety of magic using Yelba, Tar, and Ohra. She also has the ability to integrate Kamalran with magic, meaning skills can be merged together to create ones with greater force and strength. There are Ohra's skills - "buffs" which at level 9 can add up to 50 defense and 124 attack points to everyone who has been buffed. It can be bought L1 at Yerden, and its training is very difficult. Using a skill scroll is recommended.

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