TextJam is a service designed and provided by UK based MEDIA 54 which allows motorists to send SMS (Short Message Service) text messages to another driver's mobile telephone, utilising only the other vehicle's number plate.

The concept was developed and tested over 12 months and is thought to be the first time a service like this has been available nationwide.

Signing Up

MEDIA 54 offers an informative web site to co-ordinate registrations and any customer enquires. From here, a user can list their car number plates and mobile telephone number. Motorists, can also register offline by sending their number plate via text message to the TextJam hotline.


Concern was expressed by the trial panel about the risk to safety from motorists sending and receiving text messages whilst driving and how this service could be seen to be advocating this. TextJam have since taken steps to include numerous disclaimers upon their website urging users to 'pull over' before answering messages.

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