Texas Toads

Tijuana Toads

Tijuana Toads was a series of 17 theatrical cartoons produced and released through United Artists. The series was about two toads, Toro and Pancho ("Pancho y Rancho" in the Spanish-language version, "Sancho und Pancho" in the German version and "Pončo i Toro" in the Croatian version), who live in the Mexican city of Tijuana. Throughout the cartoon they try to eat their prey, but always get out-smarted. They would sometimes themselves be targeted by a bird, and would in turn always out-smart him.

The series introduced two characters who later got their own series. The Blue Racer first appeared in "Snake in the Gracias" before getting his own series in 1972. Crazylegs Crane also spun off to his own series for television in 1978 on ABC, (both characters were voiced by Larry D. Mann, except in "Flight to the Finish" where Bob Holt voiced Crazylegs Crane).

Toro was voiced by actor Don Diamond and Pancho voiced by Tom Holland. Crazylegs Crane was voiced by Larry D. Mann.

Directors are Hawley Pratt, Art Davis, Grant Simmons, and Gerry Chiniquy.

In 1976, NBC redubbed Tijuana Toads and renamed it Texas Toads to make the series less offensive. The toads' new names were Fatso and Banjo.

As of January 2006, Tijuana Toads are seen on the Boomerang channel. Unfortunately two of the cartoon shorts ("Flight to the Finish" and "Go for Croak") were the re-dubbed Texas Toads version, albeit with the Tijuana Toads theme song and opening title card.



  • Tijuana Toads (Hawley Pratt)
  • A Pair of Greenbacks (Art Davis)
  • Go For Croak (Hawley Pratt)


  • The Froggy Froggy Duo (Hawley Pratt)
  • Hop and Chop (Grant Simmons)
  • Never on Thirsty (Hawley Pratt)
  • A Dopey Hacienda (Hawley Pratt)


  • Snake in the Gracias (Hawley Pratt) (Featuring The Blue Racer)
  • Two Jumps and a Chump (Gerry Chiniquy)
  • Mud Squad (Art Davis)
  • The Egg and Ay-Yi-Yi! (Gerry Chiniquy)
  • Fastest Tongue in the West (Gerry Chiniquy)
  • A Leap in the Deep (Hawley Pratt)
  • Croakus Pocus (Art Davis)
  • Serape Happy (Gerry Chiniquy)


  • Frog Jog (Gerry Chiniquy)
  • Flight to the Finish (Art Davis)

DVD Release

It is unknown if Tijuana Toads will be released on DVD from MGM and FOX Home Entertainment.


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