Terrific Whatzit

Terrific Whatzit

The Terrific Whatzit (real name Merton McSnurtle, also known as McSnurtle the Turtle) was a funny animal superhero who appeared in stories published by DC Comics. DC's first funny animal superhero, the Terrific Whatzit first appeared in Funny Stuff #1 (Summer 1944), and was created by Martin Naydel.

Fictional character biography

McSnurtle is a turtle and shopkeeper who lives in the town of Zooville, and is granted powers by two powerful, otherworldly entities (Prince Highness and Prince Lowness) who want to see how a completely honest person would handle being granted superpowers. These powers include superstrength, superspeed, and the ability to fly. McSnurtle also gains an "automatic conscience" that won't relent until he went into action against the threat of the story.

When in action as the Terrific Whatzit, McSnurtle remove his shell, and wears a costume identical to that of the Golden Age Flash. The name "Terrific Whatzit" stems from the fact that without his shell, it is hard to tell what kind of animal McSnurtle was.

McSnurtle's last Golden Age appearance as the Terrific Whatzit was in Funny Stuff #17, although he continued to appear from time to time as McSnurtle the shopkeeper in other features. His superheroic identity would not appear again until Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #9 in November 1982, in which he was seen helping the Allies during "the Second Weird War." The series had revealed in an earlier story that the Terrific Whatzit is the uncle of Zoo Crew team member Fastback.


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