Terradive is the name to three fictional characters in the Transformers universes.

Transformers: Generation 2

The first Transformer with the name Terradive was a Decepticon who was able to transform into a light green F-8 Crusader combat aircraft. Terradive was part of the Skyscorchers sub-group and his function is that of an Advance Fighter. He was a simple basic toy and had no proper gimmicks. He is described as the not-very-intelligent muscle of the Skyscorchers.

Marvel Comics

Terradive's sole appearance in official fiction is in the U.K. Generation 2 comic series. Terradive was part of Bludgeon's forces sent to Earth to smash stuff as a ploy to draw out Optimus Prime. When Megatron appeared to take back Decepticon leadership, Windrazor retrieved Eagle Eye and Terradive, who were attacking a squad of Autobots, so they could tackle Megatron. Things didn't go too well for Terradive then. When the Dinobots arrived, Snarl shot Terradive down. He was presumably taken prisoner by the Autobots afterwards.

Fun Publications

Terradive was a minor background character appearing in Fun Publications fiction "Gone to Far", a text-based story set on Transtech Cybertron.


  • Generation 2 Terradive (1993)

A basic sized jet measuring 11 centimeters long. A real A-7 measures 1181 centimeters long, making this toy 1/107 scale. With his robot mode measuring 10 centimeters tall, Terradive would stand 1070 centimeters (35 feet 1 inch) tall.

Transformers: Armada

Ten years after the first Terradive, the name was used again, this time for a Mini-Con. Terradive could transform into a SR-71 Blackbird jet and also a weapon mode that resembled a three-pronged claw. Terradive was sold in a pack of three as part of the Air Military Mini-Con Team. Although he did appear in the Transformers: Armada cartoon, these appearances were only a few cameos.


  • Armada Terradive (2003)
  • Transformers: Universe Terradive

Terradive had two toys in Transformers: Universe. The first was part of a "Spring Value Pack", a Toys R Us exclusive which included the Air Military Mini-Con Team, Ramjet (repainted from Transformers: Armada Skywarp) and his Mini-Con Thunderclash. The pack was criticised by many, especially the Mini-Cons for having a similar color scheme to their original releases.

  • Transformers: Universe Terradive redeco

Terradive's second appearance in Transformers: Universe was in a $20 "Ultra" pack which included the Autobots Magna Stampede, Stockade and Mini-Con Prowl. The pack was considered poor value for money at full retail price. This time, Terradive had a mostly white color scheme.

Transformers: Energon

Terradive is a member of the Autobot Air Team; Terradive transforms into a A-10 Airplane. He is able to combine with his team to form the giant robot Superion Maximus.

Animated series

In the Energon TV show, Terradive was seemingly a non-sentient drone commanded by team leader Storm Jet. As with all of the Energon combiner limbs, Terradive has a twin brother on his team - Sky Shadow. Their energon weapon is a double-barrelled gun that could also transform into a shield. In the Japanese series, several members shares their name with a G1 Aerialbot - Terradive's name is Skydive.


  • Transformers: Universe Terradive (2005)

A repackage of the Energon Basic Scout class figure was sold at discount stores.


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