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Teri Bauer

Teri Bauer

Teri Bauer is a fictional character played by Leslie Hope as part of the television series, 24.


Teri Bauer was born in 1968. She is the wife of Jack Bauer and the mother of Kim Bauer. She has a Master of Fine Arts and Art Practive at the University of California, and worked as a freelance interior designer.


24: Season 1

At the beginning of Day 1, Jack has just moved back into his house with his wife and daughter, at Teri's request - though Kim is still treating her mother with a lack of respect as she takes Jack's side in the separation. This shows Kim's unappreciation for her parents. When it becomes apparent that Kim has left the house, Teri goes to look for her, along with a man claiming to be Alan York, the father of the girl Kim is with. When Kim realizes that she is not in control of the situation, she rings Teri to say, against her will, that everything is alright. Teri stays with the man claiming to be Alan York and eventually they find out that one of the girls had been taken to the hospital after being run over.

Teri and Alan York go to the hospital where they discover that Janet is the one that was run over. Teri is later re-united with Jack at the hospital, where it is revealed that Kim's disappearance may have been connected with terrorists. After Gaines contacts Jack and forces him to leave the hospital without telling Teri anything, Teri once again leaves with Alan York, who has since killed Janet, to find Kim.

Teri eventually discovers that the man claiming to be Alan York is an impostor when Nina Myers phones her to tell her that the body Jack found is the real Alan York. Despite this, Teri is eventually captured and reunited with Kim at Gaines' compound. Both collaborate to escape, though when one member of the terrorist squad, Eli, attempts to rape Kim, Teri offered herself instead, saying she wouldn't fight. He agreed, and led her off to rape her, though Teri takes advantage of the situation to steal his cell phone and call for help. Eli eventually realizes and informs Gaines, who tells Eli to kill both of the women. Teri and Kim however manage to kill him and prepare to leave, when Jack arrives. They enlist Rick's help, who steals a van for them, but alerts Gaines that they are attempting escape. Teri runs off into the woods with Kim but both are eventually found by police and are evacuated.

Teri and her daughter are checked out at a hospital, where Teri discovers she is pregnant and is given a pregnancy test to test herself. The two are then taken to a safe-house. The safe house is later attacked by minions of the Drazens, and they had to escape by car. The car rolls down a hill with Kim inside and explodes, leading Teri to believe Kim had been killed and causing her to suffer amnesia. Teri is helped by the man she had been seeing while separated from Jack, and eventually is returned to CTU by Tony Almeida where she would be "safe". After learning that Jack and Kim are both safe and on their way back to CTU, Teri goes to speak with Nina, and inadvertently discovers she is the mole for the Drazens inside CTU.

Nina then binds Teri to a chair and tapes her mouth shut while she finishes everything she needs to for her employers and then, after telling Teri she would leave her there for someone to find, shoots her fatally in the stomach. When Jack comes looking for Teri, he finds her body and realizes that she is dead. Jack breaks down and profusely blames himself.

Her death would affect his life forever, so much so that he quit his job at CTU (returning at the request of President David Palmer) and was estranged from his daughter for eighteen months. It's also hinted one of the reasons Jack was addicted to heroin during Day 3 was to cope with Teri's death.

Alternative endings

Three different endings were shot for the final episode of the first season:

  • One ending is the one used on the show: Nina shoots and kills Teri (actual ending, canon).
  • In another, Nina shoots Teri but only wounds her, and Teri survives (never broadcast).
  • In the third, Nina does not shoot Teri. This ending was included as a deleted scene on the first season DVD.


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