Tenea (Greek:Τενέα) is an ancient city in North-East Peloponnese, Greece. In the mid '90s the municipality of the region assumed its ancient name, Tenea. The seat of the municipality is in Chiliomodi. Ancient Tenea was established approximately 15 kilometres SE of Corinth and 20 kilometres NE of Mycenae shortly after the Trojan War. It is believed that the first inhabitants were Trojans prisoners of war to whom Agamemnon permitted to built their own town. Hence the name Tenea resembles that of Tenedos, their home-town. Tenea and Rome, according to the Aeneid of Virgil, are two historical cities known to be associated with Trojan ancestry following the Trojan War. Corinthians and Teneans in 734 or 733 BC under the leadership of Archias established the joint colony of Syracuse in Sicily, the homeland of Archimedes. Ruins of Tenea can still be found one kilometre south of Chiliomodi. The finding include the Kouros of Tenea (c. 550 BC), a unique creation, part of the Munich art collection.

Historical Accounts

Mention of Tenea was made by Strabo
Tenea, also, is in Korinthia, and in it is a temple of the Apollon Teneatos; and it is said that most of the colonists who accompanied Archias, the leader of the colonists to Syracuse, set out from there, and that afterwards Tenea prospered more than the other settlements, and finally even had a government of its own, and, revolting from the Corinthians, joined the Romans, and endured after the destruction of Corinth. And it seems, also, that there is a kinship between the peoples of Tenedos and Tenea, through Tennes the son of Kyknos, as Aristotle says; and the similarity in the worship of Apollon among the two peoples affords strong indications of such kinship.
Strabo, (8.6.22)
and Pausanias

Such is the account I heard of the Asopus. When you have turned from the Acrocorinthus into the mountain road you see the Teneatic gate and a sanctuary of Eilethyia. The town called Tenea is just about sixty stades distant. The inhabitants say that they are Trojans who were taken prisoners in Tenedos by the Greeks, and were permitted by Agamemnon to dwell in their present home. For this reason they honor Apollo more than any other god.
Pausanias, (2.5.4)

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