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Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven is the third game in the Tenchu series. It was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2003 and ported to Xbox in 2004 under the title Tenchu: Return from Darkness with graphical improvements, 2 new multiplayer characters, 2 new single player missions, extra special moves, and the ability to go online with the versus and co-op multiplayer modes.


The game's story picks up one year after the events of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. After Mei-Oh is defeated by Rikimaru, the cavern in which the characters are in starts to collapse. To save Ayame and Princess Kiku, Rikimaru lifts the giant boulder out of the way of the exit, and is seemingly trapped and left for dead. However, he somehow manages to survive this near-death experience (as is explained in the game) and returns to the Azuma ninja clan.

  • During Rikimaru's absence, Ayame goes on a mission to search for his body. This eventually leads to the events of Tenchu: Fatal Shadows, with the introduction of the new character, Rin.


In addition to the regular characters Rikimaru and Ayame, a third playable character, Tesshu, is unlockable via gameplay.

This section includes differences between the characters in Wrath of Heaven and Return from Darkness.


At the age of 18 (Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins), Rikimaru has almost completely defined his character. He is brave, dedicated, responsible, loyal, and filled to the brim with justice. However, he is still possesses the naivety of youth. It is only after the harsh and painful lessons of Tenchu 2 that he becomes a merciless and unhesitating assassin. Throughout the rest of the series, although his potential strength grows, his cold demeanor remains unchanged. Rikimaru is a deadly and stealthy ninja, who is well-practiced in his ability to evade enemies. In the events of Tenchu:Stealth Assassins, he disappears while saving Ayame and Kiku, but a year later, returns from the year 2000 to the 16th century during the events of Tenchu3:Wrath Of Heaven. In Tenchu Senran/Z, Rikimaru trains the next generation of ninjas.


Since the beginning, Ayame's sense of loyalty to Lord Gohda has never been as strong as that of Rikimaru's. Although she is very close to Kiku, she simply carries out her missions because that is what she has been brought up to do. Her relaxed loyalty is no more evident than when she abandons her lord to search for Rikimaru's body after Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. The period of Tenchu: Fatal Shadows lasts over the course of a couple of months, during which time, Gohda, without his ninja bodyguards, is left constantly vulnerable. On the other hand, the character of Ayame changes a lot in each successive game. In Tenchu 2, she is a cheerful, bold and overconfident little brat, and only becomes bitter and hardened after the tragic events surrounding Tatsumaru. This change is portrayed in the first game, where she becomes more withdrawn and sarcastic. Unlike Rikimaru, who is passionately involved in his executions, Ayame snuffs her victims out like a chore. The latest adaptation of Ayame's personality, in Wrath of Heaven, re-paints her as quiet, passive and emotionally unstable while keeping some diluted traits of sarcasm. Ayame isn't in Tenchu Senran/Z - she is probably fighting Onikage or protecting the Princess (Kiku).


A doctor by day and a hired assassin by night, Tesshu serves the underground organization known as Muzen. He has great respect for his boss, who orders him to kill only for justice. In the early stages of his story, he labels Rikimaru as a rival after Rikimaru steals one of his kills. Unable to forget this, he sneaks into Gohda Castle to prove to Rikimaru that he is the better assassin.

New Characters

In Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, Mifuyu and Yuge are absent, and it has only 10 missions for Rikimaru and Ayame.


Daughter of Tadokoro Kanbe, she killed her father once she discovered that Tadokoro is planning a rebellion against Gohda.


A vassal of Tadokoro, Jinnai Sakyo convinced him to lead an attack on Gohda Castle.



A villain encountered early on into Wrath of Heaven. He is the Boss in Echigoya Estate.


A traitor to Lord Gohda who's assassination is ordered among the games first missions.

Dr. Kimaira

The psychotic scientist in charge of the mechanical castle north of the ronin village. He wears what looks like a giant deadly puppet who he calls maihemei


Ukyo and Sakyo, leaders of a particular organization against Tesshu's master, Zennosuke.


A drunken body guard armed with a katana and three-barreled matchlock gun


A evil Sorceress, who never fights alone. When playing as Rikimaru, you encounter her together with Ganda, and when playing as Ayame, you encounter her together with a kitsune (spirit fox), most likely summoned. Also she can summon paper ghosts.


One of Tenrai's Lords of Darkness, whom you encounter at the great buddha temple. He can kill Ayame with his powerful bearhug squeezing her waist until she breaks her back and dies.


When Tenrai jumped through the portal Rikimaru followed him into it and ended up at the corperation that makes the disease that made Tenrai evil and it was led by Mr . D CEO who was planning to kill Tenrai's army and Onikage in the end.He failed when Rikimaru intruded the companies base and killed him and was transported back into the16th century.


A mysterious demon/ninja who faithfully serves Mei-Oh, King of Hell.

Tadokoro Kanbe

He lead a rebellion against Gohda.



  1. Punish the Evil Merchant
  2. Execute Hamada and Return to Lord Gohda
  3. Find the Shischishito Sword
  4. Kill all who follow you (absent from Wrath of Heaven)
  5. Pass through the Ronin Village
  6. Rescue the Kidnapped Princess
  7. Retrieve the Steel from Ressai
  8. Stop Tadokoro's Rebellion (absent from Wrath of Heaven)
  9. Find Ayame's Imposter
  10. Infiltrate The Buddah Temple
  11. Assassinate the Evil Tenrai
  12. Assassinate the Evil Tenrai (Part 2)


  1. Locate the Village Girls
  2. Execute the Evil Merchant
  3. Assassinate the traitor Hamada
  4. Retrieve the Yoto Sword
  5. Stop Tadokoro's Rebellion (absent from Wrath of Heaven)
  6. Find the Jewel of Heaven (absent from Wrath of Heaven)
  7. Go to Red House of Zennosuke
  8. Escape the Amagai Castle
  9. Retrieve the Jewel of Heaven
  10. Rescue the Counsel Sekiya
  11. Assassinate the Evil Tenrai
  12. Assassinate the Evil Tenrai (Part 2)


  1. Assassinate Nasu and Echigoya
  2. Teach Rikimaru a lesson
  3. Execute the Rebellious Yuge (absent from Wrath of Heaven)
  4. Find the author of the message (absent from Wrath of Heaven)
  5. Rendezvous with Senkichi by the Waterfalls
  6. Escape from the Limestone Cavern
  7. Go to house in the Cemetery
  8. Return to Zennosuke

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