TeleTalk (টেলিটক) (Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd) is a GSM based state-owned mobile phone company in Bangladesh. TeleTalk started operating on 29th December, 2004. It is a Public Limited Company of Bangladesh Government, the state-owned telephone operator. TeleTalk provide GPRS internet connectivity. Teletalk is the first operator in the country that gave BTTB incoming facility to its subscribers.

The mission statement of Tele Talk is "Desher Taka Deshey Rakhun"

TeleTalk is the largest mobile phone operator in Bangladesh with 1.28 million subscribers as of June, 2008 .

Numbering Scheme

Teletalk uses the following numbering scheme for its subscribers:

+880 15 N1N2N3N4N5N6N7N8

where 880 is the International Subscriber Dialling Code for Bangladesh and is needed only in case of dialling from outside.

15 is the access code for TeleTalk as allocated by the Government of Bangladesh. Omitting +880 will require to use 0 in place of it instead to represent local call, hence 015 is the general access code.

N1 to N8 is the subscriber number.


1.Prepaid packages

  • Standard
  • Shadheen
  • Shapla

2.Postpaid packages

  • Standard/Rajanigandha
  • Shapla

3.Corporate service

  • Prepaid packages
  • Postpaid packages

4.Mobile internet service


Teletalk always stay in the heart of all people of Bangladesh thats so all we call it "Amader Phone" (Our Phone)

Teletalk is the only operator in Bangladesh (Owner: 100% Bangladesh Government) with 100% native technical and engineering human resource base.


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