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Telepictures is an American television syndication firm established in 1978 by Michael Garin. Hilary Estey McLoughlin currently serves as President.


Early years

The company syndicated Rankin-Bass's programming and specials that were produced from 1974 to 1988, including new and successful animated series, such as ThunderCats and SilverHawks. In addition, Telepictures had syndicated numerous television programs such as My Favorite Martian, Here's Lucy, Love Connection, and The People's Court. Telepictures also operated a small publishing arm, which published some magazines, such as Muppet Magazine.


In 1985, the company merged with Merv Adelson and Lee Rich's Lorimar Productions, creating Lorimar-Telepictures and assumed production and distribution of shows like Dallas and Knots Landing. The company also began distribution of first-run episodes of Mama's Family in June 1986.

Purchase by Warner Communications

In 1989, Warner Communications purchased the company and split the assets. Lorimar became a separate production entity, which would be folded into Warner Bros. by 1993. Telepictures became Telepictures Productions, a producer of syndicated programming that Warner Bros. Television would distribute. The company produces the syndicated newsmagazine Extra and produced the now-defunct Jenny Jones syndicated talk show.

Telepictures Distribution

Shortly after the purchase of Turner Entertainment by parent company Time Warner, the company's syndication arm was relaunched as Telepictures Distribution in 1996 (replacing Turner Program Services). The company distributed non-Warner Bros. produced programming to which the syndication rights have been licensed to Warner and/or Turner as well as Warner properties such as re-runs of The West Wing and The Jamie Foxx Show. In 2003, Telepictures Distribution was folded into Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

Syndicated programming

Web productions

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With Lorimar Television

Telepictures teamed up with Lorimar. Lorimar Productions is the unit of Turner Program Services.

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