Telemark Museum

Telemark Museum

The Telemark Museum is located in the older part of Skien, Norway, called Kleiva. The museum itself is situated at Søndre Brekke farm. The farm is part of a large park called Brekkeparken. The main attraction aside from seasonal exhibits in the main halls of the farm house, is the outdoor museum. Several older houses and farms from Telemark county have been moved from their original location and rebuilt on site in the park.

The indoor museum has a special permanent collection of folk art from all over Telemark. Recently, the museum hosted an exhibit on Vidkun Quisling's life, generating a lot of publicity. The Quisling exhibit will also be shown in 2008.

The museum is located within walking distance of downtown Skien. The park also has a restaurant and outdoor cafe with a view of the river and downtown Skien.

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