Teen Choice Awards

Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards is an awards show presented annually by FOX. The program honors the year's biggest achievements in music, movies, sports, and television, as voted on by teens aged 13-19. The program usually features a high number of celebrities and musical performers. The winners are awarded with lifesize surfboards, fit to the summertime theme. The ceremony has also created spin-off teen awards on YouTube.

Starting in 1999, the Teen Choice Awards were presented weeks prior to the televised event up through 2005. Since 2006, the program has been televised live.

The 2008 awards were held on Sunday, August 3 and aired on Monday, August 4.


Bob Bain and Michael Burg came together to produce an award show for a young demographic, somewhat older to that of the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards but similar to that of MTV. The format of the show has remained the same, awarding the achievements of those in the entertainment and athletic industries with non-traditional categories fixed into the ceremony.

Ballots used are found in teen oriented magazines, where readers were to purchase and tear out their ballot. Votes could also be cast online through FOX.com. In 2008, FOX and the show's producers created www.teenchoiceawards.com as the official website for the Teen Choice Awards. This year, over 32 million votes were cast.

Since the ceremony's inception, the show has given out genuine custom-made surfboards to individual winners. They create a new original design every year.



Award categories


  • Choice Movie: Action Adventure
  • Choice Movie: Comedy
  • Choice Movie: Drama
  • Choice Movie: Horror/Thriller
  • Choice Movie Actor: Action Adventure
  • Choice Movie Actress: Action Adventure
  • Choice Movie Actor: Comedy
  • Choice Movie Actress: Comedy
  • Choice Movie Actor: Drama
  • Choice Movie Actress: Drama
  • Choice Movie Actor: Horror/Thiller
  • Choice Movie Actress: Horror/Thiller
  • Choice Movie: Chemistry
  • Choice Movie: Hissy Fit
  • Choice Movie: Liplock
  • Choice Movie: Sleazebag
  • Choice Movie: Villain
  • Choice Movie: Breakout Female
  • Choice Movie: Breakout Male


  • Choice TV Show: Drama scene
  • Choice TV Show: Comedy
  • Choice TV Show: Animation
  • Choice TV Show: Reality/Variety
  • Choice TV Actor: Drama
  • Choice TV Actress: Drama
  • Choice TV Actor: Comedy
  • Choice TV Actress: Comedy
  • Choice TV: Male Reality/Variety Star
  • Choice TV: Female Reality/Variety Star
  • Choice TV: Personality
  • Choice TV: Villain
  • Choice TV: Movie
  • Choice TV: Breakout Show
  • Choice TV: Breakout Star


  • Choice Music: Rap Artist
  • Choice Music: R&B Artist
  • Choice Music: Rock Group
  • Choice Music: Male Artist
  • Choice Music: Female Artist
  • Choice Music: Rap/Hip-Hop Track
  • Choice Music: R&B Track
  • Choice Music: Rock Track
  • Choice Music: Love Song
  • Choice Music: Single
  • Choice Music: Breakout Artist - Male
  • Choice Music: Breakout Artist - Female
  • Choice Music: Breakout Group


  • Choice Male Athlete
  • Choice Female Athlete
  • Choice Action Sports Female
  • Choice Action Sports Male

Summer's categories

  • Choice Summer Movie - Drama/Action Adventure
  • Choice Summer Movie - Comedy/Musical
  • Choice Summer TV Show
  • Choice Summer Artist
  • Choice Summer Song
  • Choice Spring Song

Non-traditional categories

  • 2008 - Choice Summer Most Fanatic Fans
  • 2008 - Choice MySpacer
  • 2007 - Choice Movie: Hissy Fit
  • 2007 - Choice Movie: qwertyuiop
  • Choice Hottie (male)
  • Choice Hottie (female)

Do Something

The Do Something Award recognizes amazing young people— seriously amazing young people. Nine nominees —who saw a problem in the world and then tackled it—will each win $10,000 for their cause. One lucky winner will receive the grand prize, which is $100,000. The Do Something Award (formerly the BR!CK Awards) is a program of Do Something, a New York-based not-for-profit that reaches about 11.5 million young people annually. This award celebrates young people making a difference in the world.


  • Executive Producers: Bob Bain, Michael Burg
  • Producer: Paul Flattery
  • Supervising Producer: Greg Sills
  • Current Sponsors: Do Something, JCPenney, FOX


The conservative media watchdog group Parents Television Council has been a prominent critic of the Teen Choice Awards, claiming that they glorify celebrities who promote immoral messages to teenagers. PTC founder L. Brent Bozell criticized the 2000, 2005, and 2006 awards ceremonies for awarding rated-R films and other entertainers allegedly not appropriate for teenagers, claiming it showed "how successfully Hollywood has marketed adult fare to the young." Bozell also attacked Nelly Furtado's and Timbaland's performance of their hit song "Promiscuous" in the 2006 awards ceremony for promoting a mixed message to teens about sex by performing their song, which allegedly contained lyrics encouraging sex, and then telling the audience to perform safe sex with condoms and such and telling the audience not actually to be promiscuous in real life. The PTC also named the 2005 and 2006 awards ceremonies the "Worst Family TV Show of the Week" after their initial broadcasts on FOX.

However, L. Brent Bozell did somewhat praise the 2004 awards ceremony for containing little objectionable content due to the "wardrobe malfunction" of Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show.

The awards have also been criticized for their use of laugh tracks (sweetening) for the jokes offered by hosts and other stars since the live broadcast has a slight delay. The credits do show that sound mixers do the sweetening for television only.

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