Technicolor yawn

Yawn (disambiguation)

Yawn or yawning may refer to:


  • A yawn is a reflex of deep inhalation and exhalation associated with being tired, with a need to sleep, or from lack of stimulation.
  • The Hippo's Yawn is a rock in Western Australia resembling to a yawning hippo.
  • A Yawn is a snake-like enemy in the Resident Evil series of videogames.
  • A Technicolor Yawn is a slang phrase referring to vomiting.
  • YAWN is a recently-invented acronym for "Young and Wealthy [but] Normal", counterposed with terms like "Yuppie".


  • The yawning, Poromitra oscitans, is a 7 to 10 centimetres long fish found in tropical and subtropical waters of the indo-Pacific region.
  • Yawning Man is also a band.
  • Alex Au Waipang, also known by his Internet nom de plume as Yawning Bread, is thought by many to be the founding father of the Singapore gay equality movement.


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