Technicare, formerly known as Ohio Nuclear, was a maker of CT and MRI scanners and other medical imaging equipment. Its headquarters was in Solon, Ohio. Originally an independent company, it was later purchased by Johnson & Johnson. At the time, Invacare was also owned by Technicare. The company did not do well under Johnson & Johnson and in 1986, under economic pressure following un-related losses from two Tylenol product tampering cases, J&J folded the company, selling the intellectual property and profitable service business to General Electric, a competitor.

Ohio Nuclear's (ON) first products were nuclear medicine (NM) scanners. They made a rectilinear gamma scanner and a gamma camera in the 70s. This was followed by a variety of NM products. The company also had an ultrasound product line.

In CT, they developed sold the DeltaScan line of products. This began with the head only Delta 25 which competed with the EMI Mark-I, the world's first CT scanner. This followed by the body scanner, Delta 50 one of the first 2 or 3 devices to scan the whole body. Both the Delta 25 and 50 scanned the patient in about 2 minutes which was about twice as fast as EMI products. This was followed by the DeltaScan 50FS and then Delta 2000 series of products. The DeltaScan FS reduced scan time to 18 seconds. The Delta 200 series included Delta 2005, Delta 2010 and the Delta 2020. These scanners could scan the body in 2-5 seconds, thereby eliminating motion artifacts due to breathing. Also in the product line were DeltaMat, a multiformat camera and DeltaPlan, a radiation therapy planning system using CT cross sectional images to plan radiation therapy treatments. These products were marketed in the 1977 to 1985 timeframe.

The company also marketed an MRI unit, the Teslacon, beginning in 1984. Teslacon products ranged in magnetic field strength from 0.5 to 2.0 tesla.

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