Team Titans

Team Titans

Team Titans was a comic book published by DC Comics that spun out of DC's New Titans series. It began in 1992 and ended in 1994. The Team Titans were first introduced in New Titans Annual #7 by writer Marv Wolfman, and were popular enough to merit their own series, which Wolfman also wrote. Phil Jimenez & Jeff Jensen took over writing duties with issue #13, and co-wrote the book until its cancellation.

Background information

While Wolfman was initially given the title indefinitely, he chose to leave the title, in order to devote more time to his two other books, New Titans, and Deathstroke. Creative differences between the new writing staff and editorial, combined with flagging sales, led to the book's cancellation in the Zero Hour crossover event.
The unfortunate part of that was we had no idea that what they wanted was DC Comics’ X-Force. They, DC management at the time, saw Team Titans as this answer to Rob Liefeld’s X-Force, and what we wanted to do was something much more character-driven [and] self-aware, something more like Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol. So from literally the first issue, it was a struggle editorially to the point that the book just fell apart on us completely, and a long-term story that we had planned got condensed to four issues. Then Zero Hour came along and undermined everything anyway.
After Zero Hour, the remaining Team Titans members returned to Wolfman's New Titans book.


One of several Team Titans teams from the future, they function as a terrorist cell fighting against a world dictator, Lord Chaos, the son of Donna Troy and Terry Long. Sent ten years into the past, their mission is to kill Donna Troy and prevent his birth. They eventually convince Donna Troy to give up her powers, ensuring her unborn son would be equally powerless. the Team Titans struggle to carve out lives for themselves in their alternate past. Their alternate-future Nightwing comes back in time and briefly joins the team. This version of Nightwing, attacked and corrupted by a dark version of Raven shortly after his arrival, changes his name to Deathwing, and serves as her assistant.

During the Zero Hour event, Killowat, Redwing, Dagon, Prestor Jon and Battalion are all revealed to be from a false time-line, created by the villainous Monarch to act as his sleeper agent assassins during the time crisis. When Monarch (who had turned himself into the time-villain Extant) is defeated, his false futures are destroyed, and the heroes from those futures are erased from existence. Mirage, Terra and Deathwing survive. It is later established that they are from the current time-line, and were shunted through time and given false memories by the Time Trapper, who wished to use them as sleeper agents against Extant.

In the wake of Zero Hour, Mirage and Terra join the main Titans team. Terra is later revealed to be the original Tara Markov of the current time-line. While Deathwing's true identity is never disclosed, it is firmly established that he is not the future version of Dick Grayson.


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