Taylor Slough

Taylor Slough

Taylor Slough, located in the southeastern corner of the Florida Everglades, along with the much larger Shark River Slough farther to the west, are the principal natural drainages for the freshwater Everglades.

The term slough (pronounced slew) is used to describe areas of the Everglades where there is slightly deeper water than in the surrounding marshes and where a slow, but measurable, current is present. In essence, sloughs are the broad, shallow rivers of the Everglades. Sloughs occupy areas of slight depressions in the limestone bedrock underlying south Florida and generally remain wet during the seasonal dry period (November to May). Sloughs are important refuges for aquatic wildlife during these dry periods.

The famous Anhinga Trail in the eastern section of Everglades National Park leads into a section of the Taylor Slough that was further deepened during the construction of the old Ingraham Highway from Florida City to Flamingo, Florida.

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