Tatul Krpeyan

Tatul Krpeyan

Tatul Krpeyan was a Dashnak from Armenia who had been teaching at a local village school. He was the commander of Operation Ring in the defense. Tatul left behind his wife and his 3 year old daughter. He received the highest title in Armenia, the National Hero of Armenia award.

Operation Ring

The Moscow-based human rights group Memorial has reconstructed what happened. On 30 April, 4th Army soldiers and then the Azerbaijani OMON entered Getashen. Resistance was sporadic but Krpeyan was killed. The OMON raided and looted houses and attacked many of the inhabitants of the dozen or so killed were in their eighties and nineties.

I remember Tatul well. He was like a ‘fedayi’ (freedom fighter) from Sasoun - broad-shouldered, with curly hair and a thick moustache. They dispatched him to Getashen, the northern most point in Shahumyan. Not only did he serve as head of the detachment but he also taught in the school there. The role he played wasn’t limited to just fighting…

Krpeyan was killed on April 30, 1991 in Getashen. In 1988, Krpeyan was an active member of the Miatsum (Unification) Movement, and in 1990 joined the ARF ranks. From September 1990 he took part in self-defense battles of Getashen and Martunashen.


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