Tatsunami stable

Tatsunami stable

Tatsunami stable is a stable of sumo wrestlers, and the head stable of the Tatsunami ichimon or group. As of May 2008 it has one sekitori, the Mongolian wrestler Mokonami who is in the second juryo division. The stable has nine other wrestlers in lower divisions.


The stable is one of the most prestigious in sumo. It was originally founded in 1876 by Onigazaki. In the 1930s, led by former komusubi Midorishima (1878-1952), the stable produced the 35th Yokozuna Futabayama, the 36th Yokozuna Haguroyama and ozeki Nayoroiwa, and ended the Dewanoumi stable's long period of dominance in sumo. Futabayama left to found his own stable in 1941. After Haguroyama married the previous coach's daughter, he became the new head in December 1952 while still an active yokozuna. Haguroyama produced several strong wrestlers, including ozeki Wakahaguro and sekiwake Annenyama. Annenyama in turn married Haguroyama's daughter and succeeded to the leadership of the stable upon his father-in-law's death in 1969.

Annenyama produced Asahikuni, an ozeki in the 1970s, and sekiwake Kurohimeyama. Asahikuni retired in 1979 and left to found Oshima stable in 1980, despite his stablemaster's opposition to the move. By the early 1980s the strength of the stable had declined and it was without any sekitori until Koji Kitao was promoted to juryo in 1984. Kitao became the 60th Yokozuna Futahaguro in 1986, the first grand champion the Tatsunami ichimon had produced in decades, but at the end of 1987 Anneneyama and Futahaguro had a row which ended with the yokozuna storming out and slapping his stablemaster's wife as he left. Futahaguro was expelled from the Sumo Association as a result.

In the early 1990s the stable produced top division wrestlers such as komusubi Daishoho and maegashira Daishoyama, both amateur champions from Nihon University. Asahiyutaka of Oshima stable married Annenyama's daughter in 1995 and became the new head of Tatusnami when Annenyama reached the mandatory retirement age of 65 in 1999. However the two had a falling out and after Asahiyutaka was divorced, Annenyama sued him for 175 million yen as Asahiyutaka had obtained the Tatsunami elder name for free instead of having to pay the market value, although the award was reversed. Annenyama also attempted to evict Asahiyutaka from the stable premises.

Tatsunami Oyakata

  • 4th Tatsunami:former komusubi Midorishima 1915-1952
  • 5th Tatsunami:former yokozuna Haguroyama 1952-1969
  • 6th Tatsunami:former sekiwake Annenyama 1969-1999
  • 7th Tatsunami:former komusubi Asahiyutaka 1999-present

Famous former wrestlers

Active wrestlers with top division experience

  • None


  • Ikazuchi Tomojiro (former komusubi Haguroiwa)


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