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Tatoeba Konna Love Song

Tatoeba Konna Love Song

is a shōnen manga by Taku Kitazaki. The manga originally ran in Shōnen Sunday 1990 volume 28 through 1991 volume 50 in Japan.


The story revolves around a love triangle that forms between Ryusuke, Ryusuke's first girlfriend, Hitomi, and Mariko, who Ryusuke is currently dating.


Ryusuke Takase
A very handsome young student at the University of Tokyo, he excells at sports, and is a very good student. Despite his good looks, he is not a very skilled lover.Hitomi Nanao
Ryusuke's former girlfriend, they encounter each other again when she meets him in college.Mariko Yagi
Ryusuke's current girlfriend, she has short hair and is attending a women's university.Okabe
A biker that attended the same middle school as Ryusuke and Hitomi many years ago. Hitomi's Tutor
He's currently enrolled at Hitotsubashi University, and harbors feelings for Hitomi.

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