Tando Adam

Tando Adam Khan

Tando Adam (Urdu: ٹنڈو آدم خان ) is a town in Sindh, Pakistan.

Tando adam is a flourishing town in the province of Sindh with many emerging industries. The foundation of Tando Adam was laid by Raees Adam Khan Marri, after a long time the name was transformed to a shorter form of "Tando Adam". People of Tando Adam speak various languages like Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi and Pushto. The majority of people living in Tando Adam are Sindhis, following the trend of the whole province Sindh which also has a majority of Sindhis living all over. The town is considered to be the trade hub of district. it also contains many educational institutions.It is also famous for its foods.Its famous "sajji" is being exported all over the world. The sweets of tando adam have also a classic and unique taste.

The town has a number of ancient places including Mosques and a number of Hindu temples. Out of the temples, one of the oldest dating back to 1600 century is now a primary school named as Dr. Ziaduddin Government Primary School, however the temple is still in its original shape , despite of being a safest heaven for bats.

The major business areas are linked with Muhammad Ali Jinnah Road. Whereas Muhammadi Chowk is the transit hub for proceeding to Hyderabad via National Highway, Tando Allahyar via Mir Hassan Mari, Sanghar via Shahdadpur and Bi- Pass, Hala via Khandu Road and Nawab Shah via Shahdadpur and Bi-Pass.

Tando Adam Khan is also known for its abundance in number of hafiz-e-Quran. The shrine of most famous poet, Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai is only 16 km away from Tando Adam. The City Government has erected a gate called LATEEF GATE in the momory of this great poet which leads way to his shrine. This is a city of spritual peoples including, Hazrat Juman Shah (RA), Faqeer Qadir Bux (RA)(He and Makhdoom Muhammad Zaman Talib-ul- Mola were mureed of Hazrat Muhammad Faqeer Khatyan (RA). Tando Adam is known to be a hub of fine arts and have produced erudient scholistics like Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan (Pride of Performance),Ustad Rasheed Ali Khan, Ustad Wazir Ali Khan, Mushtaq Jiskani, Syed Faiz Ali Shah, Abdul Hameed Khoso and so many others.


Tando Adam has the biggest power loom industry in Pakistan. Besides this, numerous fruit juice, paper products, cotton ginning and cottage industries also contribute to the national exchequer. The most famous thing of tando adam is "sajji" (a food material), which is even exported throughout the world.


The history of politics in Tando Adam has a very vast background. It started before the Independence Of Pakistan, at a time when Pakistan was ruled by the British Empire. Tando Adam has produced some of the finest Politicians Pakistan has seen. Almost everyone of them have held major positions in the political departments of the country both federal and provincial.

Currently Pakistan Peoples Party Parlimentarians Roshan Junejo is the elected member of National Assembly from the constituency NA-236 (Sanghar) whereas, Fida Hussain Dero is the Member provincial Assembly. Shazia Atta Mohammed Marri of PPPP (Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians) is elected on a women's reserve seat.

Some of the famous politicians to emerge from Tando Adam are:

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