Taminda, New South Wales

Taminda, New South Wales

Taminda is an industrial suburb of Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia, located in the cities' west on the southern side of the Peel River. It is mostly zoned industrial and consequently it's residential population is very low. The northern part of Taminda is flood plains and is used as sporting fields. Floods in 1998 caused much damage in Taminda with rising waters that flowed into businesses. As a result commencement in 2006 began on building levy banks separating many of the riverside sporting fields and the Peel river from the rest of Taminda where businesses are located to protect property from future floods.

Sporting Fields

The Tamworth Race club is located in Taminda; as well as Federation Park (football); Minor League Park (Rugby League); The Tamworth Netball fields; Grass Hockey Fields; and Baseball and Softball fields.

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