Talking To Adam

Talking To Adam

Talking To Adam is a novel written by Sarah Ell, an author from New Zealand.

It was published by Scholastic in New Zealand in 2005.

It is about a sixteen-year-old New Zealander named Katherine "Katie" Wallace, who finds out that she has Hodgkin's disease. The novel follows her journey of self-discovery as she battles the cancer.

Plot summary

The summary as it appears on the cover of the 2005 edition of "Talking To Adam":





Everything is slotting into place for Katie. Then suddenly her world falls apart.

No one can help, no one can understand ... until she meets the stranger with the compelling green eyes, manky dreads, and 1,000-watt grin ... until Katie starts talking to Adam.

Copyright Sarah Ell 2005.


Katie Wallace - The main character. Her life was relatively normal until she found out she had a potentially terminal illness. She hopes to go to law school and enjoys sailing. She was very superficial at the beginning of the novel, but gradually becomes more mature. She is sixteen and lives with her parents, her older sister Clare and younger brother Jared.

Adam - The "Adam" of the title is a boy that Katie meets while she is in hospital. He also has Hodgkin's disease, but his case is much more advanced than Katie's. His views and beliefs inspire Katie to have a more positive outlook on life.

Grant Speedwell - A boy in Katie's sailing club whom Katie has a crush on.

Charlotte Styles - One of Katie's best friends. She has a brother named Clayton.

Virginia "Ginny" - Another one of Katie's best friends.

Imogen and Deborah Kerr - Identical twin sisters, who are from Katie's sailing club.

Dr. Geoff Shearer - The doctor who diagnoses Katie.







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