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Talkin' Funny

Talkin' Funny is a live call-in television show on Chicago cable access channel CAN21. It airs on Tuesdays at 7:30p.m. in the Chicago area. The show is hosted by international comedians Sasha and the Noob, who also appear in the live game show "Don't Spit the Water" at the Playground Theater.


The show begins with the character of The Noob blowing his slide whistle. Sasha then takes calls from viewers. Viewers ask questions, make comments, scream, curse, tell jokes, play simple games (such as their trademark "Hide the Peanut") or may interact with paper characters put in front of a desk-mounted camera by Sasha. A guest, usually someone in the Chicago comedy community, then comes on. Viewers sometimes ask questions, but often ignore the guest entirely. Calls then continue until the show's 25 minutes are up, with an often hasty slide whistle ending.



  • Sasha is an international comedian, and is the main voice of the show. He is almost always seen wearing a red vest; often stares, mouth agape, into either the camera or blank space.

Da Noob

  • Da Noob's name is actually completely independent of the online gaming community that popularized it. He rarely speaks, because when he was a little boy, he watched his father kill his mother, and instead communicates by slide whistle.


  • Army is a blue octopus on a sheet of paper. He only says "BLUBUBLUBLUBUBUBUBLU" and shakes uncontrollably.

Ned Littletoes

  • Ned is a pink hat mustache sporting cowboy from the old west. He also doubles as the phone screener.

The Laugh Cougar

  • Never actually seen on screen, only a drawn likeness of the laugh cougar. Tells jokes which usually end in the punchline "Wilfred Brimly"

Mr. Sloat

  • Mr. Sloat is a shady character that has appeared in two episodes, Season 3 episodes 8 and 13. He is alleged to be involved in some illegal activities and is labeled a terrorist by Governor Kevin.


  • Steve has only appeared in one episode, "Talkin' Seriously," Season 2 Episode 9. He believes in fiscal responsibility.


  • Paul has appeared in Season 2 Episodes 9 and 11, Season 3 Episode 4, as well as Season 4 Episode 4. He is part Cyborg.

Diabolical Dina

  • Kidnapped The Noob and trapped him into the comic book dimension in Season 4 Episode 10.

Professor Hopchump

  • Expert in dimensions. Trapped in the comic book dimension and eaten by Diabolical Dina in Season 4 Episode 11.

Magnus Olsen

  • Dolly Parton.

Prank Calling

The show is set up in such a fashion that it almost invites viewers to 'prank call' the show. One aspect of the appeal of the show is the haphazard and candid way Sasha and The Noob try to cover up explicit and graphic language spoken by the callers to the duo, usually a hasty cut-off of the caller in the middle of his or her cursing rant, or, if the language is suggestive but not explicit, the hosts' deliberate skewing of the meaning of the language (i.e. pootietang).

One frequent gag is the 'flush-gag', where a caller attempts to flush their toilet in earshot of the phone, doing so at what they believe is the least expected moment possible. It has become custom as of late for the hosts to then eat sour candies.

Frequent Callers


  • David calls very often, and is frequently incomprehensible. Speaks to the television, not the phone creating a 7 second delay in his answers. Often feuds with Caller Bill. Has a fascination with talking about large breasted women.


  • Mel has a southern accent and is bizarrely enthusiastic.

Buddy Bill & His Wife Joani

  • Buddy Bill is usually the caller, with his wife heard in the background.... She calls in once in a while but makes Bill watch the show on a black and white tv in the basement while she watches girly shows on the big tv upstairs.

Governor Kevin

Governor Kevin's Little Sister

  • Governor Kevin's little sister is loud and annoying, she also helped Kevin win the election by saying "Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin!"

Da Noob's Father

  • Da Noob's father is sometimes speaking words, sometimes speaking slidewhistle, but is always pleading for Da Noob's love.


  • Jessica has a pretty voice.


  • Joe always refers to someone named MaNoob (and once Manure) sitting to Sasha's left. Often asks when "Miss Mia" from "Chic-a-Go-Go" will be a guest. Uses the phrase "pootietang" liberally.

Dead for a Ducat's manager

  • Calls into to shamelessly promote his band, Dead for a Ducat. Band member Keegan is another frequent caller.

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