Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal

Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal

The Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal is located in Taipa, Macao SAR. It is currently solely erved by Cotai Jet for services from the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier, Hong Kong in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong SAR.

The ferry terminal has two berths for hydrofoil and one for ferries, and serves as a port of entry into Macao, with there being passport control desks - separated into those for Macao residents, Visitors (including Hong Kong identity card holders and Mainland China visitors) and Diplomats. There is also a visa-on-arrival application office for those who require a visa to enter Macau but have not applied prior to arriving at the ferry terminal. After that, there is a customs check.

There is a bus stand outside the pier, as well as a taxi stand. The pier is situated very close to Macau International Airport - the cargo terminal can be seen as you walk from the berths to the arrivals hall.

Bus connections


  • 26 From Fai Chi Kei to Coloane
  • MT2 From Praça de Ferreira do Amaral to the ferry terminal (circular)

Transportas Companhia de Macau

  • 21 From to Coloane
  • MT1 From Praça de Ferreira do Amaral to the ferry terminal (circular)

Jointly operated by Transmac and Transportas Companhia de Macau

Complimentary Shuttle Buses

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