Tail Gator

Tail 'Gator

Tail 'Gator is the English name of a Game Boy video game made by Natsume and VAP in 1991. In unofficial translations, the game is sometimes known as Crocodile. In the game, the player plays a small alligator known as 'Charly' which whacks his tail as attack.


The story of the game is a that dragon warlord known as 'Basso Gila' teleported his castle and army to the peaceful animal kingdom of 'Moberry' in order to destroy it and establish his ulitmate rule. The council of elders of Mobery putted Charly the highland alligator on the task to send the invaders packing to unsure their once well deserved freedom


There are 5 areas in Tail'Gator, each of them divided into 4 sections: Air, Land, Cave and Underwater, except for area 4 and 5 which are only Castle.

The player must complete all sections in order to advance to the next area, this is done by collecting all treasure chests in each level, they all contain random items except for the last chest which is always a key to unlock the door.

Each section has 4 levels, in area 2 section Land and area 3 section Underwater there are secret levels which are accessed by a hidden door that's partially revealed by obtaining the key. Area 4 and 5 only have 3 levels.

When Charly kills an enemy (normally 2 tail swings) it will eventually respawn at its starting point.


All the power-ups that can be collected by destroying the treasure chests:

Heart: This will give Charly more H.P., every time Charly is hit by an enemy his H.P. will decrease, when Charly runs out of hearts the game is over, just like in every other game.

Power: This will fill Charly's power-line, when the bar is full Charly can use his special attack turning his tail attack into a power-wave that goes acros the screen, if the power-wave already is activated this will increase his ammo

Bonus: This'll give Charly extra points, every time Charly collects a bonus without being hit, the points will increase, it starts from 100 and eventually goes no further then 10000, if Charly is hit the points will start back at 100

Bomb: This item will instantly kill every enemy on the screen, the more enemies there are, the more points can be earned, when a bomb is taken while no enemy is in view, it'll still give a 100 points

Super Power: This rarely seen item will fill Charly's power-line instantly, when taken while the power-wave already is activated it will increase its ammo to max

Key: This gives Charly access to the next area


Area 1 section Cave, Frog Boss: leaps from one side of the battle area to the other, fires 3 balls at Charly, when Charly comes to close it will hit him

Area 2 section Underwater, Fish Boss: swims up and down, blowing bubbles that can be destroyed by a few tail swings, the bubbles can burst into 3 balls, the fish will eventually blow a very large bubble that fills the screen with balls

Area 3 section Land, Beaver Boss: goes side to side clubbing 2 rocks together that produces sparks

Area 3 section Air, Bird Boss: flies around shooting 3 balls and will eventually fire a very large Power-Wave

Area 5 section Castle, Basso Gila: Stands still in one place and fires all very big ball and when it hits the wall will burst into 3 smaller balls


The game's soundtrack consists of 11 tracks, which display a copious amount of swing rhythm. They are Title Screen, Level Select (Area lobby), Air, Land, Cave, Underwater, Castle, Boss Theme, Level Complete, Ending Theme, Game Over.

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