Tadeusz Kotarbiński

Tadeusz Kotarbiński (Warsaw, Congress Poland, Russian Empire March 31, 1886October 3, 1981, Warsaw), a pupil of Kazimierz Twardowski, was a Polish philosopher, logician, one of the most representative figures of the Lwów-Warsaw School, and a member of the Polish Academy of Learning (PAU) as well as the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). He created a philosophical theory called "reism" (Polish: reizm).


  • Elementy teorii poznania, logiki formalnej i metodologii nauk (1929)
  • Traktat o dobrej robocie (Treatise about good job) (1955)
  • Sprawność i błąd (Efficiency and Fault) (1956)
  • Medytacje o życiu godziwym (Meditations about good life) (1966)
  • Leçons sur l'histoire de la logique. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France 1964. Original Polish edition 1957.
  • Praxiology. An introduction to the sciences of efficient action. New York: Pergamon Press 1965. Originally published in Polish in 1955
  • ''Gnosiology. The scientific approach to the theory of knowledge. Oxford: Pergamon Press 1966. Original Polish edition 1929; second revised edition 1961.

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