Tackitt Mountain

Tackitt Mountain (Texas)

Tackitt (Tackett) Mountain is a summit in Young County, Texas, USA. It is located west of the Graham, Texas. Site of famous Indian battle between Pleasant Tackitt and Old Piny Chummy.

In the Descriptive History of Early Times in Western Texas, Volume 2, by Joseph Carroll McConnell mentions Tackett Mountain in the book about the area:

"Pleasant Tackett, a Methodist minister, settled in Parker County in 1854. Two years later he moved his family to Young County, and numbered among the first settlers of that section. The Tackett home was located on the old Fort Belknap and Austin Road, about nine miles south of the post, near Fish Creek: so named for the Tacketts broke the ice and caught fish during the severe winter weather.....in the evening of February 13, 1860, one of Mr. Tackett's milk cows came home through the sleet and snow with an arrow sticking in her side......[Tackitt] back-tracked the cows about three-fourths of a mile, to where they found moccasin racks and saw blankets hanging on the east end of Tackett Mountain. Tackett thought it unwise to make an open attack, but decided to advance upon the Indian's from the north......Almost instantly several Indians charged like wild demons. These Indians were under the leadership of Old Piny Chummy, who only a few months before lived on the Comanche Reservation, near old Camp Cooper. Tackett and his sons knew him well, and no doubt, Piny Chummy recognized the Tacketts......Old Piny Chummy charged Parson Tackett himself, and the old chief received a mortal wound from the discharge of the parson's gun......A white flag was found flying from the top of a tree on Tackett Mountain; and under it were found four bridles, four ropes, four bows, and four quivers of arrows, as well as blankets and other implements. A few days later, soaring vultures disclosed the graves of four warriors killed in this fight. '"


  • Descriptive History of Early Times in Western Texas, Volume 2. Joseph Carroll McConnell

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