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TRTS Bannan Line

Bannan Line (TRTS)

The Blue Line comprises three lines of the Taipei Rapid Transit System, the Nangang Line, the Banqiao Line, and the Tucheng Line. The lines are divided at Ximen Station and Fuzhong Station. When fully completed, it will have a total of 23 stations serving the Nangang, Xinyi, Datong, Zhonghsan, Banqiao and Tucheng districts, stretching about 28 km long.

The Banqiao Line, Nangang Line and Tucheng Line are in revenue service. The Banqiao and Nangang Lines are collectively called the Bannan Line (Banqiao (Banciao) / Nangang Line).

The entire Blue Line will be completely underground, the excavation of tunnels using the cut-and-cover method have resulted in large scale detouring of road traffic.


Station Name Area Transfer
Hanyu Pinyin Tongyong Pinyin
Nangang Line
Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Nangang, Taipei NeiHu Line
Nangang Nangang TRA Western Line
Taiwan High Speed Rail
Kunyang Nangang
Houshanpi Nangang
Xinyi, Taipei
Yongchun Xinyi
Taipei City Hall Xinyi
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Xinyi
Daan, Taipei
Zhongxiao Dunhua Jhongsiao Dunhua Daan
Zhongxiao Fuxing Jhongsiao Fusing Daan MuZha Line
Zhongxiao Xinsheng
(National Taipei University of Technology)
Jhongsiao Sinsheng
(National Taipei University of Technology)
Zhongzheng, Taipei
XinZhuang (SinJhuang) Line
Shandao Temple Zhongzheng
Taipei Main Station Zhongzheng DanShui (DanShuei) Line
Taiwan Taoyuan Airport MRT
TRA Western Line
Ximen Simen Zhongzheng
Wanhua, Taipei
Banqiao (Banciao) Line (No need to transfer)
Xindian (Sindian) Line, (Xiaonanmen Line)
SongShan Line
Banqiao (Banciao) Line
Longshan Temple Longshan Temple Wanhua
Jiangzicui Jiangzihcuei Banciao, Taipei County
Xinpu Sinpu Banciao
Banqiao Banciao Banciao Circular Line (TRTS)
TRA Western Line
Fuzhong Fujhong Banciao Tucheng Line (TRTS) (No need to transfer)
Tucheng Line
Fuzhong Fujhong Banciao, Taipei County Banqiao (Banciao) /Nangang Line (No need to transfer)
Far Eastern Hospital Banciao
Haishan Tucheng, Taipei County
Tucheng Tucheng
Yongning Tucheng
Dingpu Tucheng

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