TPP Nikola Tesla B

TPP Nikola Tesla

TPP Nikola Tesla is a power plant complex operated by EPS, located on the right bank of the river Sava, approximately 40 km upstream from Belgrade, near the town of Obrenovac. By far the largest one in Serbia, the complex generates around 16 TWh annually (see 1 E16 J), which covers almost half of Serbia's needs for electricity. The complex and two of its plants are named in honor of Nikola Tesla.

These power plants use lignite mined from the Kolubara basin as fuel. Coal is transported from the mines via a normal-gauge railroad about 30 km long capable of supplying a total of 37 million tons of coal a year.

The complex has four power plants:

TPP Nikola Tesla A

Six generation units with a combined capacity of 1502 MW that makes it the largest power facility in Yugoslavia. TPP Nikola Tesla A was first synchonised on March 27 1970.

TPP Nikola Tesla B

Located between the villages of Skela and Ushce. There are two generation units with a total capacity of 1160 MW. TPP Nikola Tesla B was first synchonised on March 11 1983.

TPP Morava

Located on the right bank of the river Velika Morava near the town of Svilajnac. 120 MW Power Generator.

TPP Kolubara A

Located at the edge of Kolubara coal basin in the village Veliki Crljeni. Capacity 245 MW.

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