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TISFAT (stands for This Is Stick Figure Animation Theatre) is a free stick figure animation tool made in Delphi by 'NoshBar' (Dirk de la Hunt).


Tisfat's main focus is ease of use, and compatibility across all versions of Windows, some versions of Linux, and a player for WinCE devices. It features the following animatable primitives:

  • Lines
  • Rectangles
  • Ovals
  • Bitmaps
  • Particle blood system
  • Text
  • Stick figures

New version:

  • Custom stick figures
  • bitmap adding
  • Onion skinning

Stick figures feature inverse kinematics, so limbs react realistically when dragged (however, holding ctrl and clicking on a joint will 'lock' it), and as TISFAT uses tweening for animation, you need only set the pose for the initial and final poses, and TISFAT calculates the rest (though you can animate frame by frame if you want).

Tisfat is used by many young animators, you can find a lot of current animations on youtube. When using Tisfat it is suggested to have Windows Movie maker or some similar program to add sounds and to edit movies. TISFAT is currently unable to import sounds.


The Development on the original TISFAT has been continued. TisfatTOO development, however, is stopped in the name of further development on TISFAT since TISFAT is much more stable than TisfatTOO. TisfatTOO will use physics simulations to make realistic animations.

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