T.I. Vs. T.I.P

T.I. vs. T.I.P.

T.I. vs. T.I.P. is the fifth studio album released by Atlanta rapper T.I. The album was released on July 3 2007. In the first week of sales, the album went nearly gold, selling 468,000. The album received mostly lukewarm reviews. However, it was nominated for a Grammy.


"It'd be easy for me to go over people's heads", he rationalized. "Sometime people might see me act a certain way one time and another way one another time. They might not believe the same cat you see dressed so sharp and winning awards and speaking eloquently is the same cat you see fist-fighting with hoodlums outside a nightclub. This album will be an explanation of all of this".

Guests include Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Eminem, Wyclef Jean, Nelly and Alfa Mega.

T.I. mentioned working with André 3000, Justin Timberlake, Ciara, Akon, R. Kelly, Young Jeezy, and Lil Wayne as well, because the album was originally planned to be a double disc album, but instead it became a single album, and the other artists didn't make the final cut.

Chart performance

Although T.I. vs. T.I.P. hasn't managed to sell more copies the rapper's previous effort, it is still nevertheless a commercial success, selling over 1.3 million copies in the United States, and even appeared again at the bottom of the Billboard 200 during the release week of Paper Trail, T.I.'s 6th Studio album. The following chart positions are in reference to their location on the Billboard 200.

Week Units Sold Total Units Sold Chart Position RIAA Certification
1 - 7/3/2007 468,000 468,000 1
2 175,000 643,000 1 Gold
3 93,515 737,739 3 Gold
4 64,426 802,165 5 Gold
5 55,339 857,504 8 Gold
6 45,385 902,889 8 Gold
7 37,694 940,583 11 Gold
8 33,205 973,788 13 Gold
9 29,420 1,003,208 12 Platinum
10 25,100 1,027,400 15 Platinum
11 26,187 1,053,587 19 Platinum
9/30/2008 3,271 1,309,476 199 Platinum

Album meaning

T.I. is as to be the regular version of himself, while T.I.P. is his alter ego that has a short temper. The pictures included in the album describe/show the personalities and acts of T.I. and his second self, such as T.I. sports a millionaire look as well as clothing, T.I.P., however sports a ghetto look as he wears clothing such as a tank-top with a button-shirt over it and all the backgrounds show things such as a condemned house and a deserted-looking bathroom.

In the leaflet included with the album, T.I. dedicates the album to Philant "Big Phil" Johnson and Leiah Amoré Harris and Deyjah Princess Harris and his 3 sons Messiyah, Domani, Clifford Harris the 3 aka King, and the mother of his children Tameka "Tiny" Cottle.

In the song "Act I: T.I.P.", The prelude to the song itself is a string of newscasts that flash successes that have happened in his life, the shooting of his friend, Philant Johnson. After the prelude of the song, T.I.P. has a violent outburst against Lyor Cohen.

In the song "Act II: T.I.", T.I. awakens and realizes that his car isn't in the same place he parked it. He then receives a call from Jason Geter and is very surprised at how angry Jason sounds. T.I. then speaks with Douglas Peterson and is informed about his violent outburst at Lyor Cohen. T.I. is confused because he can't remember anything about the situation. He doesn't yet know that it was T.I.P. who had the outburst.

In the skit "Act III: T.I. vs. T.I.P.: The Confrontation", T.I. and T.I.P. come face to face in the mirror to argue their conflict with each other, with T.I.P in the mirror and T.I. on the outside. T.I.P. argues that T.I.'s "Hollywood" status has made him stupid and has clouded his judgment. T.I.P. even names it as the reason his friend (Philant) was murdered. T.I. argues that T.I.P.'s bad temper causes too much trouble. T.I. states that they would be in prison by now if T.I.P. was let in control, T.I.P. then says "If You Let Me? See what the fuck I'm sayin, man? How the fuck you gon let me do somethin?". T.I.P. says that T.I. wouldn't be the King of The South without him and he says "you need me" as T.I. redrects as "You NEED me ". T.I.P. then taunts his song "Tell 'Em I Said That" by saying "I'm sick of you and all these other hoe-ass rappers out here. Y'all niggas could kiss my ass, and you could tell them I said THAT!". The scene ends with T.I. saying in a lower voice "i'm done talking to ths foo, fuck it, man" smashing the mirror and the glass shattering. This symbolizes the end of their conversation.

T.I. also released an instrumental version of the album on October 12 although it was scheduled to be released on September 16 but was pushed back.

Track listing

# Title Producer(s) Featured guest(s) Sampled song(s) Time
1 "Act I (T.I.P.)" T.I. and Kannon "Caviar" Cross, additional production by Just Blaze 2:22
2 "Big Shit Poppin' (Do It)" Mannie Fresh Samples a guitar riff from the song Top Gun Anthem, the theme of the movie Top Gun 4:51
3 "Raw" Lil' C 3:51
4 "You Know What It Is" Wyclef Jean and Jerry 'Wonder' Duplessis (Co-produced by Sedeck "All Hands on Deck" Jean and Keith "Lil' Wonda" Duplessis Wyclef Jean 4:54
5 "Da Dopeman" Mannie Fresh Contains a sample from "Dopeman (Remix)" by N.W.A 5:09
6 "Watch What You Say To Me" Khao, co-produced by Bao Quoc Pham & Steve Holdren Jay-Z 4:45
7 "Hurt" Danja Alfa Mega, Busta Rhymes 4:47
8 "Act II (T.I.)" T.I. and Caviar, additional production by Just Blaze 1:46
9 "Help Is Coming" Just Blaze Contains samples from "Somebody's Gonna Off The Man" by Barry White 4:25
10 "My Swag" Wyclef Jean, Wonda, All Hands on Deck and Keith Lil' Wonda Wyclef Jean 4:34
11 "We Do This" The Runners 3:33
12 "Show It to Me" Tony Galvin Nelly 3:18
13 "Don't You Wanna Be High" The Runners 3:59
14 "Touchdown" Eminem and Jeff Bass Eminem 4:42
15 "Act III (T.I. vs. T.I.P.) The Confrontation" T.I. and Caviar, additional production by Just Blaze 1:46
16 "Tell 'Em I Said That" Danja 4:50
17 "Respect This Hustle" Danja 4:26
18 "My Type" Keith Mack 4:50
19 "You Ain't Fly"
(iTunes Pre-Order Exclusive)
C. Harris 3:47


T.I. released his Bonus DVD to T.I. vs. T.I.P. This DVD is only in exclusive double-pack in BET Edition available at Wal-Mart or Sam's in its edited version.

DVD features are:

  • ACCESS GRANTED: "Big Things Poppin"
  • 106 & PARK: T.I. Interview
  • 2006 HIP-HOP AWARDS: "Top Back" Performance
  • BET PROMO: T.I. Exposure

Music Videos:

  • "Rubberband Man"
  • "Big Things Poppin'"

Target released an exclusive as well, including a bonus DVD which featured T.I. vs. T.I.P.: Conflict Resolution a full version of the therapy T.I. and T.I.P. receive in many of the commercials.

Album charts

Chart (2006) Position
U.S. Billboard 200 1
U.S. Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums 1
U.S. Billboard Top Rap Albums 1
Canadian Albums Chart 7
New Zealand Albums Chart 37
French Albums Chart 108
Japanese Albums Chart 21
United World Chart 1


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