Sybreed (which stands for "synthetic breed") is an industrial metal band from Geneva, Switzerland.


Sybreed was formed in 2003 by vocalist Benjamin and guitarist Drop. They would later recruit bassist Burn and drummer Alex. In their first year of existence, they would concentrate on writing material for their debut album.

In 2004, Sybreed released their debut album Slave Design. They would spend some time performing in the US, then later returning to Europe where they toured for almost two years in support of the album.

In early 2006, drummer Alex left the band due to creative and personal issues. Sybreed would then go on a break for a few months. They would later ask Dirk Verbeuren of Soilwork and Scarve to do session drums while they recorded their next album. The band announced in December 2006 after recording Antares, that Kevin would take over drum duties permanently.

On July 7, 2007, it was announced that the band had signed a deal with Listenable Records for an October release of their new album Antares.

On June 13, 2008, Sybreed's official website announced that on August 15, 2008, they will release their newest album, Antares, in the United States with the bonus track "Plasmaterial" to be included.

Music style

Sybreed's sound is fiercely aggressive, yet melodic. They are identified by machinegun-esque guitars, highly complex drumming, and groovy synthetic beats. Their vocal work is perhaps most notable, as they make use of both clean and screamed singing. Their latest album Antares showcases a few different styles from the previous album Slave Design; specifically, more use of blast beats, harmonized vocals and a wider range of synthesizer use.


  • Ben – Vocals
  • Drop – Guitars, Programming
  • Burn – Bass
  • Kevin – Drums



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