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is a children and family anime television program, that is fit for All Ages. The main character is a hamster named Hamtaro. The anime is based on Ritsuko Kawai's storybooks, and features original character designs by Case Closed creator Gosho Aoyama. Supporting characters include a large clan of hamsters, known as the Ham-Hams. Hamtaro is owned by a girl named Laura Haruna (Hiroko Haruna or "Roko-chan" in Japanese version). The show also features the household's dog, Brandy (Brandon in the Japanese version). Hamtaro is licensed by Viz Media in North America, which dubbed it in a format.

The Hamtaro TV series debuted in Japan on July 7, 2000 and ended on March 31, 2006. As of April 5, 2006, a series known as Norisuta Hai began airing five minute Hamtaro episodes known as "Tottoko Hamutaro: Norisuta Hai!" The Norisuta Hai series is animated differently from the original series, most notably how the head-to-body ratio is off, and is designed to appeal to a younger audience. There does not seem to be any connection between Tottoko Hamutaro and Tottoko Hamutaro: Norisuta Hai! beyond the planned appearance of all fifteen original Ham-Hams.


List of main hamsters

The English name is listed after the Japanese name. The characters are also referred to in their English-language forms.

  • : (Seiyū: Kurumi Mamiya, Voice Actress: Chiara Zanni) - Owned by Laura, Hamtaro is one of the more courageous Ham-Hams, Hamtaro is always ready to help out his friends and his owner Laura. However, he cannot stand being ignored by Laura. He is clueless about many things, especially love (much to Bijou and Sparkle's dismay). There is a lot of evidence in the show that Hamtaro most likely has an enormous crush on Bijou.

In the Japanese version, Hamtaro ends his sentences with 'na no da', a phrase often used by playful characters (such as Ryuichi Sakuma from Gravitation, Zatch Bell from Zatch Bell! and Pudding Fong from Tokyo Mew Mew). This is changed to, "ham-ha!", "Heke!", "Pakapaka", and "kush kush" in the English version.

  • /Oxnard (Seiyū: Rikako Aikawa, Voice Actor: Saffron Henderson) - Owned by Kana. One of Hamtaro's best friends in the series, he has the biggest appetites of the Ham-Hams, and also has a crush on Pepper. He was originally an easily frightened Ham-Ham, but he has been braver and more dependable in recent episodes. He has a talent for tarot card reading, which soon attracts the girls, much to the dismay of the other boys. Most of the time, Oxnard's predictions come true, especially for Boss (and usually end in Boss getting hurt in some way). In the final episode, he marries Pepper.
  • /Boss (Seiyū: Kentaro Ito, Voice Actor: Ted Cole) - a field hamster. The self-proclaimed leader of the Ham-Hams, Boss has a huge crush on Bijou. He often tries to look like he knows everything, only to have it backfire in his face. He has a bit of a temper, but he is very dependable, courageous, and nice, even shy at times (especially around Bijou). Because he is a field hamster, he is more familiar with nature, and is more independent compared to the other Ham-Hams. He has even developed a field hamster sense that tells him what kind of weather is approaching, much like Spider-Man's spider-sense. However, he cannot deal with the sea as he is prone to sea sickness. Near the end of Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak, it is hinted that he has a small crush on Harmony. Boss really likes Bijou, but Bijou likes Hamtaro. Boss later in the series has a crush on another girl-ham called Gelato.
  • /Bijou (Seiyū: Kazusa Murai, Voice Actress: Chantal Strand) - Owned by Maria. She is a somewhat unworldly hamster who loves her blue ribbons, but she is not above getting dirty when she needs to help her friends, and has been known to be generous and helpful. She used to live in France before moving to where she is now, but she feels attached to Japan and has even refused to go back to France. In the Japanese version, she speaks normal Japanese and adds the words "dechuwa" (most likely a hamster version of "desu wa") at the end of her sentences, while the American version of Bijou has a French accent, because, "Bijou," is French for "jewel", which is one word to accurately describe her personality. She also has an enormous crush on Hamtaro, and her feelings for him are eventually reciprocated.
  • /Pashmina (Seiyū: Rei Sakuma, Voice Actress: Jocelyne Loewen) - Owned by June. Considered to be a very maternal Ham-Ham, as she takes care of Penelope. She loves the color pink and always wears her pink scarf. Dexter and Howdy often fight for her affection, but she does not seem to notice. She feels that she is too young for a relationship anyway (she actually wishes for love in the Japanese version, however). It is revealed in a Japanese episode that Pashmina develops a crush for Dexter after he rescues her from falling into the river.
  • /Penelope (Seiyū: Kaori Matoi, Voice Actress: Cathy Weseluck) - Owned by Kylie. Considered the youngest of all the Ham-Hams, Penelope is usually never seen without the cover of her yellow blanket (though a few seconds in the opening theme show her blanket coming off, revealing her brown fur). Although she is friendly to everyone, she feels particularly attached to Pashmina. Being innocent and naive, due to her age, she gets into trouble more often than most of the other Ham-Hams. In season two, she has shown some cross-species affection for Herbert the Pig, a boy by the name of Ethan, and a rabbit at Ethan's school. Unlike the other Ham-Hams, and perhaps because of her young age, Penelope can't say anything more than 'Ookwee!' or 'Ookyoo!' ('Ukyu!' in the original version).
  • /Maxwell (Seiyū: Takako Honda, Voice Actor: Brad Swaile) - Owned by the eldest son of a bookstore owner (though it seems that the bookstore owner's daughter is the one who cares for him). He always carries a book with him, and is often turned to for information. He seems to know a lot about science and literature due to his love of reading. He is a little taller than the Ham-Hams, partially due to his tall ears. He has a crush on Sandy, though it is never initiated until Hamtaro tells him about Sandy's feelings.
  • /Sandy (Seiyū: Haruna Ikezawa, Voice Actress: Brittney Wilson) - Owned by Hillary. A sporty young girl Ham who carries a ribbon. Her interest in rhythmic gymnastics have been influenced by Hillary, who is a gold medal gymnast. She has a crush on Maxwell. While in the English version it might seem that the two have confessed their affections, a Japanese episode confirms that they are not quite romantically involved yet. In the English version, she has a valley girl accent.
  • /Stan (Seiyū: Kouki Miyata, Voice Actor: Noel Fisher) - Owned by Noel. Sandy's twin (older) brother, who is often caught flirting with the other girls. As a result, he is often an annoyance to the other guys, especially Boss, Howdy, and Dexter. Initially, Sandy and Stan were separated, after Noel (who had a crush on Hillary) offered to take care of one of her hamsters. He is often seen shaking his maracas or riding his skateboard.Seemly Stan has a crush on Flora (the nurse ham), unlike other ham-girls Stan does not flirt with Flora.
  • /Howdy (Seiyū: Yuu Sugimoto, Voice Actor: Paul Dobson) - Owned by Goldie. A Ham-Ham notorious for telling bad jokes, especially at the worst possible time. In the English version, he has a Southern accent, and has a kansai accent in the Japanese version. He often rivals for Pashmina's affection with Dexter, causing many fights between them.
  • /Snoozer (Seiyū: Yuu Sugimoto, Voice Actress: Cathy Weseluck) - A mysterious hamster that Boss found in his hideaway (which would soon become the clubhouse). It is unknown where he came from. He is always sleeping, but often utters some helpful advice when the Ham-Hams are in need of it. In the English version, he talks with a lisp.
  • /Dexter (Seiyū: Chihiro Suzuki, Voice Actor: Samuel Vincent) - Owned by Curtis. A refined hamster, who is incredibly smart. He loves Pashmina, but often battles with Howdy for her affection. However, their differing personalities also contribute to their many fights, especially when it comes to Howdy's jokes. His Japanese name is a pun: Megane means "glasses" in reference to the tan pattern of fur around his eyes that makes him look like he's wearing glasses. coincidentally, his owners are optomatrists.
  • /Cappy (Seiyū: Ai Uchikawa, Voice Actress: Tabitha St. Germain) - Owned by Kip and Sue. One of the younger Ham-Hams, Cappy loves hats. The two hats he mostly commonly carries are his green swimming cap, and the giant saucepan that he usually is hiding under. While he loves his home, he does not like being spoiled, and looks up to Boss due to Boss's independence as a field hamster. He has developed some sort of a rivalry with Stucky, especially when it comes to hide and seek. Conversely, he is largely fond of Boss, and once ran away from home to live with him (episode 21; in the English dub, the dialogue was very suggestive to the start of a non-canonical friendship between Boss and Cappy). It is revealed in episode 53 that Cappy is a quarter Oxnard's size.
  • (Seiyū: Yuko Saito, Voice Actor: Jillian Michaels)- Owned by Mimi. A Ham-Ham whose fur matches his name, he is the builder/carpenter of the Ham-Hams who built and repaired many things throughout the duration of the anime as well as the in the game.
  • /Jingle (Seiyū: Yuu Asakawa, Voice Actor: Terry Klassen) - a field hamster. Appears occasionally throughout the series (usually when someone loses something). He speaks in rhymes, which often confuse the other Ham-Hams, but they soon figure out what he means. He is clueless about many things, but tends to give wise advice. Always seen carrying his guitar. In 'Hamtaro, Please Come Home' and all other appearances afterwards, he is seen with Herbert the Pig. He also has a habit of forgetting names. Whenever he appears, he usually mispronounces someone's name (Hamtaro most of the time). Whenever he is corrected, he usually replies "You changed your name again?"

Supporting Hamsters

  • Ninhamu (ニンハムくん Ninhamu-kun) / Nin-Ham: a Ninja hamster who comes from a far-away valley. Being the worst ninja in his home, he left so he could be appreciated by non-ninja Hams.
  • Nukenai (ぬけないくん Nukenai-kun) / Stucky: a hamster who looks and talks a little like Cappy. Stucky is "stuck" in a plastic pipe, so he can only move by running or rolling.
  • Kururin (くるりんちゃん Kururin-chan) / Sparkle: Owned by Glitter. Sparkle is a spoiled pop star hamster. She did not like the Ham-Hams at first, but she gradually became attached to them. In the Japanese episodes, Sparkle began to have a crush on Hamtaro, and has since then been trying to get him to notice her. She has been unsuccessful. For this and many other reasons, she sees Bijou as a rival.
  • Jajahamu (じゃじゃハムちゃん Jajahamu-chan) / Pepper: Pepper is the girlfriend of Oxnard. She is the pet hamster of Kana's cousin, who lives in the country. Compared to Oxnard, she is a lot braver and can be very rough. She ends up marrying Oxnard in the final episode.
  • Omar/Oashisu-kun (or "Oasis-kun") /オアシスくん: A hamster from a far-away land who looks exactly like Snoozer. Left his wealthy owner to travel the world.
  • Sabu (サブ): Hamster with a dove named Françoise. He appears in the series from time to time with different roles. Mainly, he's a seed vendor who feeds anyone he sees. At one point, Boss considered him more of a man than he was.
  • Auntie Viv/Ohamubaa-san/おハムばあさん: Extremely fit elderly hamster with an attitude. Used to be involved with Elder Ham.
  • Elder Ham/Chorohamu/長老ハム: A narcoleptic elderly hamster, he is always falling asleep while talking. Despite this, he is a source of wisdom for the Ham-Hams.
  • Hannah/ハナちゃん: Childhood friend of Howdy. Develops a short-lived crush on Dexter. She is one of the very few who can stand Howdy's jokes.
  • Robo Joe/Mecha Jirou/メカージロウ: Created by Laura's Grandfather, Robo Joe is a robot hamster whose appearance seems to be based on Hamtaro. Robo Joe's main function is the ability to learn and mimic what he hears; both human language and Ham-Ham language. In a later Japanese episode, Laura's Grandfather places a slightly modified Robo Joe in a Battlebots-like tournament.
  • Chef Ham/Kokku-kun (or "Cook-kun") /コックさん: A chef hamster with an Italian accent and many children.
  • Flora/Naasu-chan (or "Nurse-chan") /ナースちゃん: A nurse hamster who never made an appearance in the English TV show, but made an appearance in Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue (video game) and Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games (video game). She is willing to cure any hamster she sees, with the big needle she carries around. She also seems to like Stan.
  • Harmony/Enjeru-chan (or "Angel-chan") /エンジェルちゃん: Hamster in an angel costume, who fights Spat and tries to save love for all hamsters. Never made an appearance in English TV series; she was a major character in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak.
  • Spat/Debihamu-kun (or "Devi-hamu-kun") /デビハムくん: Hamster in a devil costume, who fights Harmony and tries to ruin love for all hamsters. Never made an appearance in English TV series; made an appearance in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak (video game) as the main villain. In the Japanese version, Spat appears from time to time with different evil plots. Just as in Ham-Ham Heartbreak, the Ham-Hams always thwart his plans.
  • Barette/Poniiteru-chan (or "Ponytail-chan") /ポニーテールちゃん: Runs the photo studio in the Ham-Ham Clubhouse with her boyfriend Seamore. Never makes an appearance in English TV series; makes an appearance in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak.
  • Seamore/Kamehamu-kun/カメハムくん: Hamster with a turtle shell on his back (hence his Japanese name); can swim (unlike most hamsters). Seamore never makes an appearance in the English TV series, but appears in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak(video game). He also runs a photo studio in the Ham-Ham Clubhouse with his girlfriend, Barette.
  • Ook-Ook/Ukihamu-kun/ウキハムくん: A hamster who wears a monkey costume. Never appears in English TV series. He seems to make an appearance in 'Ham-Ham Heartbreak'.
  • Buster/Taiho-kun/たいほくん: Never appears in English TV series. Made an appearance in Rainbow Rescue.
  • Little Hams/Chibi-chanzu/ちびちゃんず: Chef Ham's children. There are 10 of them.
  • Potato (ポテトくん Poteto-kun): Never appears in English TV series.
  • Shake (シェイクちゃん Sheiku-chan): Never appears in English TV series.
  • Solara/Himawari-chan/ひまわりちゃん: Never appears in English TV series, but makes an appearance in Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue.
  • Nassu-kun/ナッスーくん: Never appears in English TV series.
  • Tomy-T/Tomato-kun/トマトくん: Never appears in English TV series, but makes an appearance in Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue.
  • Chibikuri-chan/ちびくりちゃん: Never appears in English TV series.
  • Oshare-chan/おしゃれちゃん: Never appears in English series. She, like Bijou, came from France. Boss once had a crush on her, but now it seems like she has a crush on Hamtaro. This, of course, gets her in trouble with both Bijou and Sparkle.
  • Leo/Raion-san (or "Lion-san") /ライオンさん: Member of Team Djungle; never appears in English TV series (with the exception of the Ham-Ham Games episode), appears in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games.
  • Prince Bo/Nijihamu-kun/にじハムくん: Prince of Rainbow Land. Never appears in English TV series (with the exception of the Ham-Ham Games episode), but appears in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games and Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue.
  • Sabotenburazasu ("Saboten Brothers") /サボテンブラザース: Never appear in English TV series.
  • Warts/Kaeru-san/カエルさん: Member of Team Djungle. Primarily wears a frog outfit, but often changes. Never appears in English TV series (with the exception of the Ham-Ham Games episode),; appears in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games.
  • Bunny/Usagi-san/ウサギさん: Member of Team Djungle. Never appears in English TV series (with the exception of the Ham-Ham Games episode), ; appears in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games.
  • Stripes/Zebura-san (or "Zebra-san") /ゼブラさん: Member of Team Djungle. Never appears in English TV series (with the exception of the Ham-Ham Games episode),; appears in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games.
  • Rainbow Girls/レインボーガールズ(Rosy:Beauty-chan, Daisy:Pretty-chan, and Ivy:Cutie-Chan): Three members of Team Rainbow; Prince Bo is the leader of Team Rainbow. They never make an appearance in English TV show (with the exception of the Ham-Ham Games episode); appear in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games. They were jealous that the Ham-Hams got to carry the everlasting torch, so they pursued them to steal it.
  • Lapis/Rapisu-chan/ラピスちゃん: Owned by newcomer Maggie O'Hara, has not yet made her television debut outside Japan except in the Philippine dub, other than small appearances in "Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games" (But she did appear alongside Lazuli in the credits of the Ham Ham Games in America, even though they didn't say anything). She, along with Lazuli, has magic powers. Her powers stem from her indigo cape. They try to be helpful, but sometimes their powers get them into trouble.
  • Lazuli/Razuri-chan/ラズリーちゃん: Owned by newcomer Maggie O'Hara along with her sister, Lapis, has not yet made her television debut outside Japan except in the Philippine dub, but she was in "Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games." Like Lapis, Lazuli has her own magic powers. Her power comes from the blush on her cheeks, and usually makes sweets appear. Unfortunately, this power does get the Ham-Hams into trouble from time to time.
  • Radar/Mimiyori-kun/みみよりくん: News reporter hamster. Never appears in English TV show; appears in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak.
  • Kinoko-chan/きのこちゃん: Never appears in English TV series.
  • Drizzle/Kurohamu-kun/くろハムくん: News reporter hamster. Never appears in English TV show; appears in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak.
  • Gelato/Jeraado-chan/ジェラードちゃん: Never appears in English TV series. In later Japanese episodes, Gelato is shown to have an infatuation with Boss, who strongly shows evidence of having Gelato as his new crush.
  • Broski/Safua-kun (or "Surfer-kun") /サーファーくん: Surfing hamster. Never appears in English TV series; appears in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak (video game) and "Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue".
  • Sky Ham/Sorahamu-kun/そらハムくん: Never appears in English TV series.
  • Ohkiny-chan/オーキニーちゃん: Never appears in English TV series.
  • Mystery/Misuteri-chan/ミステリーちゃん: Never appears in English TV series.
  • Magical/Majikaru-kun/マジカルくん: Never appears in English TV series.
  • Ice/Aisu-kun/アイスくん: Never appears in English TV series.
  • Lolly/Kyandii-chan (or "Candy-chan") /キャンディーちゃん: Never appears in English TV series, but makes an appearance in Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue.
  • Moguru-kun/もぐるくん: Never appears in English TV series.
  • How/Nande-kun/なんでくん: Never appears in English TV series.
  • Tux/Penhamu-kun/ペンハムくん: Never appears in English TV series, but makes an appearance in Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue.
  • Salia/Azarashi-chan/あざらしちゃん: Never appears in English TV series, but makes an appearance in Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue.


  • Hiroko Haruna (春名ヒロ子 Haruna Hiroko), also known as Roko-chan (ロコちゃん) / Laura Haruna (Seiyū: Haruna Ikezawa, Voice Actress: Moneca Stori) - Hamtaro's owner and the main human character. Laura cares for Hamtaro very much, just as Hamtaro cares for her. Several episodes involve the Ham-Hams trying to help Laura with whatever problem she is facing. Best friends with Kana. She has a huge crush on her friend Travis.
  • Hiromi Haruna (春名ヒロミ Haruna Hiromi) / Marian Haruna - Laura's mother.
  • Yumetaro Haruna (春名ユメ太郎 Haruna Yumetarō) / Forrest Haruna - Laura's father.
  • Yume Haruna / Willow Haruna - Laura's grandmother.
  • Kana Iwata (岩田カナ Iwata Kana) (Seiyū: Aii Uchikawa, Voice Actress: Daniella Evangelista) - Oxnard's owner. Kana met Laura the day Laura moved in and they have become the best of friends since then. She is also a very talented artist.
  • Momo Iwata (岩田モモ Iwata Momo) / Mimi (Voice Actress: Brenna O'Brien) - Panda's owner. The only human character who can actually talk to the Ham-Hams.
  • Taichi Kimura (木村太一 Kimura Taichi) / Travis (Seiyū: Yuu Asakawa, Voice Actor: Matt Smith) - Laura's friend and the school's best soccer player. Laura has a crush on him.
  • Maria (マリアちゃん Maria-chan) - The owner of Bijou. Maria is a talented pianist. She and Laura only became friends in season 2 (they never meet in season 1).
  • Kyoko (キョウコちゃん Kyōko-chan) / Kylie - Penelope's owner. Best friends with June.
  • Hikari (ヒカリさん Hikari-san) / Hillary (Voice Actress: Kelly Sheridan) - Sandy's owner. A very athletic girl who has won several gold medals in gymnastics. Her athleticism has inspired Sandy's own athletic efforts.
  • Jun (ジュンちゃん Jun-chan) / June (Seiyū: Kaori Matoi) - Pashmina's owner. Best friends with Kylie.
  • Norio (ノリオさん Norio-san) / Noel (Voice Actor: Kirby Morrow) - Stan's owner. Has a crush on Hillary, but unfortunately is very shy, the opposite of Stan.
  • Yu (ユウさん Yū-san) and Sae (サエさん Sae-san) / Kip and Sue - Cappy's owners who run a craft store. They love Cappy very much, and constantly spoil him.
  • Ichiro Yamada (山田一郎 Yamada Ichirō), later Ichiro Inatori (稲鳥一郎 Inatori Ichirō) / Mr. Philip Yoshi (Voice Actor: Scott McNeil) - Laura's teacher. A young and enthusiastic teacher, who is very good at his job. Outside of his job, he is more wimpy and has a morbid fear of chickens. However, he has conquered his fear several times to win the heart of Charlotte Rooster. He is now married to her, and they even have a child (in the Japanese version), whom the Ham-Hams often try to protect.
  • Sakura Inatori (稲鳥さくら Inatori Sakura) / Charlotte Rooster (Voice Actress: Venus Terzo) - Laura's teacher's girlfriend, who later becomes his wife. She is the daughter of Chairman Rooster, who is very strict. They have one child (in the Japanese version).
  • Kurumi Kurihara (栗原くるみ Kurihara Kurumi) / Glitter (Voice Actress: Kelly Sheridan) - The owner of Sparkle. A spoiled haughty pop star who is used to always getting her way. She tries to win over Travis, who is more interested in Laura. Because of this, she hates Laura very much. Unlike Sparkle, however, her attitude never changes, so she is much meaner than her hamster.
  • Roberto (Seiyū: Sachi Matsumoto, Voice Actor: Matt Hill) - Becomes Laura's classmate in season 2. Roberto is a very arrogant but talented soccer player on the school soccer team. He often argues with Travis and Laura, but Roberto is really a nice guy who is often misunderstood. He is also a dog lover, and is fond of Laura's dog Brandy.

Other characters

  • Tonkichi (トン吉) / Herbert - Jingle's pet pig. Jingle uses Herbert as his mode of transportation. Since Jingle rarely cares about where he's going or where he'll stop, he usually lets Herbert decide. However, if he sees some corn, Herbert will charge at immense speeds. He also seems to like Penelope a lot.
  • Burandon/Brandon (ブランドン), also known as Don-chan (どんちゃん) / Brandy - Laura's dog. Brandy rarely does anything, but he has been considered a great friend to the Ham-Hams (He saved Boss and Bijou from drowning in episode 56 Boss, the Cool Ham of the Sea! and the Ham-Hams made him his own scarf in episode 72 The Knitting Craze.). In many of the dreams that the Ham-Hams have, Hamtaro rides Brandy. In several of those cases, he can fly.
  • The Chicki-Chicki Gang - a group of 5 ill tempered baby chicks owned by Charlotte, they will relentlessly attack the Ham-Hams if given the chance. The leader is a baby chick with a scar on his forehead and an eye patch.

DVD Releases

Hamtaro 1.1 - 1.12 were released in Australia, with 3 episodes on each DVD. But there are no plans for further releases for the other episodes. Hamtaro Volume 1 - Volmume 3, with 4 episodes on each DVD were released in Germany by RTL2.


As of 2006, there are 4 Hamtaro movies. All movies were distributed by Toho. None were ever released outside of Japan. The first two have been released on DVD in France, though.

Hamu Hamu Rando Daibouken/Adventures in Ham-Ham Land:

It is Laura's birthday, and Hamtaro is feeling neglected. The Ham-Hams then tell him about a magical sunflower seed that will grant you any wish you want-- Hamtaro is determined to find it so that he can tell Laura how much he loves her. However, an evil devil hamster is after it too! Will Hamtaro ever get his wish?

Hamu Hamu Hamu Maboroshi no Purincess/Princess of Vision/The Captive Princess:

Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams are peacefully sleeping when Hamtaro suddenly has a vision. It is a princess called Shera calling for help! Suddenly, the Ham-Hams are taken right out of their dreams and taken to a faraway land called Hamja! Shera is being forced to marry an evil cat genie named Sabakunya! Can the Ham-Hams save the land from danger?

Hamu Hamu Guran Purin/Ham-Ham Grand Prix/Miracle in Aurora Valley:

Bijou is called to a distant land, and Hamtaro follows. Bijou makes friends with the village hamsters (who regards her as the 'snow princess'), when a group of pirate hamsters suddenly show up! The captain falls in love with Bijou, and Hamtaro is upset. Now Hamtaro must race the captain for Bijou's freedom!

Hamutaro to Fushigi no Oni no Ehon Tou/Hamtaro and the Mysterious Ogre's Picture Book Tower/Fairy Tale:

This story is based on the old Japanese folk tale of Momotaro (Peach Boy). However, Hamtaro floats down the river in a sunflower instead of a peach; thus they call him Himawaritaro (Sunflower Boy).


There are also four Hamtaro OVAs. The first two OVAs plus the fourth OVA were shown in America (though the first one was heavily edited).

Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamutaro no Otanjoubi ~Mama wo Tazunete Sanzen Techitechi/Happy Birthday, Hamtaro!~: Laura tells Hamtaro where he came from yet Hamtaro thinks it is not true, just in time for his birthday, Hamtaro sets out with Boss and Oxnard to visit his mother to see if what Laura said is true, while the other Ham-Hams set up a surprise birthday party for him. While it was shown in America, the entire adventure was edited out, showing only the beginning where the Ham-Hams were telling everyone to keep Hamtaro's birthday a secret and the ending where all the Ham-Hams are singing for Hamtaro's birthday. The USA version has most scenes cut out of it. It only showed most of the beginning and the end of the OVA.

Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamuchanzu no Takara Sagashi Daisaku/Ham-Hams Ahoy!: As Laura heads out to summer camp, Hamtaro and Oxnard come across a young girl by the name of Heibi, who's trying to find the ocean. Heibi found a treasure map while searching through her grandmother's place and is now willing to do this to help her ailing grandmother. The Ham-Hams, who are more than willing to help her, pack their things and set out to find the treasure.

Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamuchanzu to Niji no Kuni no Oujisama/Rainbow Rescue: Based on the third Hamtaro game (fourth in Japan), Prince Bo falls from the sky when the rainbow disappears. Now Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams must help him bring back the rainbow. This OVA also did not shown in America.

Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamuchanzu no Mezase! Hamuhamu Kin Medal/Ham-Ham Games: Considered the prequel to the fourth Hamtaro game (fifth in Japan). In this tribute to the 2004 Olympics, Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams are tasked by Prince Bo with lighting the everlasting torch to Hamcropolis. However, the Rainbow Girls will not allow this and pursues the Ham-Hams. This was the last Hamtaro episode shown in America before Cartoon Network cancelled the series.


There are several Hamtaro games, mostly released for various Nintendo handheld and for Windows/Macintosh.

Tottoko Hamtaro: Tomodachi Daisakusen Dechu (Game Boy Color): This is the first Hamtaro game, and was not released anywhere outside of Japan. It is a virtual pet simulation. The fully unofficial translated name is Hamtaro: The Great Friendship Plan.

Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! (Game Boy Color): The second game released in Japan, but it is the first game released in the United States. Taking place in a full hamster world, Hamtaro is tasked with finding all the Ham-Hams and bringing them together in the clubhouse. The game introduced the use of the ham chat. While it is simply the Ham-Ham language in the game, the ham chat in the game allows different uses of each expression. This was the final Game Boy Color game released in Europe.

Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak (Game Boy Advance): The second game in America (third in Japan). Hamtaro has a nightmare one day about an evil Ham-Ham in a devil costume who runs around and tears apart any couple he sees. However, this nightmare turns out to be a vision of his upcoming struggle against the evil Ham-Ham, Spat. Luckily, he's not alone, for Bijou is going to help him set things right. More of an enhancement of the first game, Ham-Ham Heartbreak slightly improves Ham-Hams Unite's graphics and colors and adds an interesting story, more ham chat vocabulary, and Bijou as Hamtaro's partner.

Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue (Game Boy Advance): A game released in Japan and was translated for an American release, but it did not actually get released in America. It was released in Europe however, fully playable in English and several other languages. Prince Bo was happily crossing the rainbow, when suddenly, the rainbow disappeared and he soon fell from sky. Luckily, he happened to "bump" into Boss. Prince Bo wanted to return home, but without the colors of the rainbow, he was unable to return. Willing to help the prince, the Ham-Hams set out to find the seven colors of the rainbow. Rainbow Rescue improved on almost every aspect over its predecessors. It is graphically superior to the other two games. However, unlike the previous games, the gameplay relies more on multiple mini games. It is also currently the only Hamtaro game that allows usage of all the Ham-Hams (with the exception of Snoozer and Jingle).

Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games (Game Boy Advance): The third Hamtaro game in America (fifth in Japan). Prince Bo has invited many Ham-Hams to compete in a tournament known as the Ham-Ham Games. The Ham-Hams wish to win the tournament, but they must face fierce competition from their three rival teams. Focuses on story the least, but it is graphics are slightly superior to Rainbow Rescue's. The game relies on mini games, but is less heavier on them than Rainbow Rescue. However, the mini games in Ham-Ham Games tend to be slightly more challenging the some of the games in Rainbow Rescue.

Wake Up Snoozer!: A Learning Adventure (CD-ROM,Windows/Macintosh): Was released mainly in the United States by Riverdeep and The Learning Company on August 30, 2006. The game is based around five learning activities including simple addition and subtraction, geometric shapes, phonics, letter recognition and more. Hamtaro, Boss, Bijou and the others are searching for the youngest ham-ham, Penelope and help save the day. The game also includes multiple levels of difficulty, auto-leveling and printable activities. This game is aimed at children ages 4-7.

Hamtaro: Nazo Nazo Q (Nintendo DS): Only released in Japan. It is a Quiz/RPG.

Hi Hamtaro! Little Hamsters Big Adventure (Nintendo DS): A game released in Japan in March 2007, dedicated to the new series. Was released in Europe by 505 Games under the name "Hi Hamtaro! Little Hamsters Big Adventure" and will be released in the United States by Natsume under the name "Hi Hamtaro Ham Ham Challenge! Little Hamsters Big Adventure".

Broadcasters & World airing information

This is a partial list of channels. Full list of channels carrying Hamtaro is available on both the Japanese site and the English site


In Japan, Hamtaro manga is published by Shogakukan, and serialized in Ciao.

Licensed products

The full list of licensees can be found on both the Japanese and American, Korean, Asian, European Hamtaro websites.

Episodes released in English

Season 1

1)Hamtaro A girl named Laura, along with her parents, her dog Brandy and hamster Hamtaro, moves into new house. After arrival to new house, Hamtaro gets out of the cage and goes outside, where he meets a hamster named Oxnard. Both Hamtaro and Oxnard fall into underground, only to meet a hamster named Boss and his house. They go outside and sing a song for a female hamster named Bijou. Meanwhile, Laura and her father are walking around the city, where Laura meets Kana and buys the journal.
2)The Ham-Ham Clubhouse (aka: Building the Clubhouse) Boss introduces to Hamtaro and Oxnard his friends, Pashmina, Penelope, Howdy and Dexter. When it's raining, a cat appears and attacks Penelope, but Hamtaro defeats the cat. Boss shows everybody his house, only to find a sleeping hamster named Snoozer. The hamsters decide to create from Boss' house to Ham-Ham Clubhouse. Meanwhile, Laura goes to new school. Her new teacher is Mr. Yoshi and her new classmates are Kana, Travis, Kylie and June.
3)Calling all Ham-Hams! Pashmina and Penelope introduce to the others their friends, Maxwell, Panda, Sandy and Cappy. While playing at the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, Howdy and Dexter are arguing and thanks to them, the Ham-Hams make a mess at the entire clubhouse, only to be booted out of there by Boss. Boss feels he's alone and wants the others to return. Hamtaro and the others finally return. Meanwhile, Laura gets an A and she tries to tell that to her parents, but they're to busy and Laura tells them about that in the evening after their return.
4)Come Out, Bijou! Boss wants to see Bijou at the Ham-Ham Clubhouse. Bijou is upset, becuase when her owner, Maria, return and be sad when she'll see the disappearance of her hamster. Bijou learns she will return before return of the owner. Bijou finally arries to the clubhouse. Meanwhile, Laura accidentally wets herself. Travis gives her his towel and Laura dries the wets, but them returns the towel to it.
5)Diamonds of Sugar (aka: Diamonds of Sugar! It's Raining Diamonds!) It's a lawn party! The Ham-Hams want to catch the Diamonds of Sugar at the sky, but they're unware these are only the stars. Meanwhile, Laura's and Kana's families are having a garden party and watch the stars too.
6)First Time at the Beach Laura's faimly goes to beach, but they can't take Hamtaro, because the hmasters are afraid of water. Hamtaro, along with the other Ham-Hams, goes to beach too.
7)A Summer Festival Adventure It's a summer festival! The Ham-Hams learn from Maxwell in the night while on the festival, on the sky the flowers will appear. Pashmina seperates from the Ham-Hams to find the flowers and climbs to the roof of the Temple of the Sun. The Ham-Hams save her and watch the fireworks, thinking these are flowers. Meanwhile, while Laura and Kana are walking around the festival, Kana seperates from Laura and Laura is forced to find her. Laura finally finds Kana and they also watch the fireworks.
8)The Sunflower Field Laura's family goes to visit their grandmother, where she lives near the sunflower field. Boss follows them. Hamtaro runs away from Laura and is wandering around the field with Boss. Laura's family discovers Hamtaro's disappearance and looks for him everywhere. Hamtaro finally returns to Laura.
9)Much Ado about School! The summer vacation is over and school restarts. Laura and Kana return to school. Hamtaro, Oxnard and Boss (trapped inside Laura's backpack) join them. Hamtaro decides to create the hamster school.
10)Jingle, the Wanderer Laura takes a floppy disk to her father. Hamtaro, Oxnard and Penelope are trapped inside her purse and Oxnard drops his sunflower. Hamtaro, Oxnard, Penelope and the disk fall from Laura's purse, only to find the sunflower and meet a hamster, with a guitar, named Jingle. After arrival to her father's office, Laura discovers the disk's disappearance and looks for it with her father. Hamataro, Oxnard, Penelope and Jingle find the disk and puts it on Laura's pocket, where her father finds it.
11)The Wise, Elder-Ham Laura's grandmother visits and is sad for losing her friend. Laura decides to find her grandmother's friend. The Ham-Hams enlist the help of Elder-Ham in search. Laura's grandmother's friend is finally found and Laura's grandmother is reunited with her friend.
12)Bijou's in Danger! Bijou gets lost on the city, only to meet the cats. It's up to Ham-Hams to save her. Meanwhile, Laura buys a book named "The Adventures of Hamkins".
13)Let's Dance, Sandy! Sandy is sad for losing her brother and the Ham-Hams decide to find him. Meanwhile, Laura and Kana meet a gymaster named Hilary, who has Sandy.
14)The Search for Sandy's Brother Sandy's borther is finally found! Sandy is so happy to see her brother named Stan.
15)Bijou's Favorite Ribbon Cappy takes Bijou's ribbon for Blind Man's Bluff. Bijou blames for that Hamtaro. The Ham-Hams decide to find the peanuts for cheer her up. Meanwhile, it's school trip. Laura dresses on her hair the ribbons and Travis watches them.
16)Get Well, Laura After Hamtaro wakes Laura up at the night, she's late at school! While on PE class, Laura passes out and returns to home early. Hamtaro blames himself for making Laura sick and with the help of the Ham-Hams, they try to heal her.
17)Hamtaro, the Super Sleuth! The Ham-Hams' things disappeared! The thief is Penelope! Meanwhile, the things of Laura's and her classmates' are disappeared too and the thief is a bird!
18)The Slipper Chase Laura hurries to the spring concert about Cindirella, but she forgets her second slipper and it's up to the Ham-Hams and Jingle to bring it to Laura before the stage with the slippers starts.
19)Panda's Ham-Ham Fun Park! Despite Boss, Howdy and Stan's angers, The Ham-Hams decide to build the fun park. Meanwhile, Laura's family goes to a fun park too, but the car carborator breaks down.
20)The Snoozer Mystery! (aka: It's a Mystery, Snoozer!) It's revealed Snoozer came from outer space, but it was a joke. Snoozer suddenly gets lost and finds himself with a hamster named Omar, who looks like Snoozer and sneaks into Kana's house to scare Oxnard.
21)Courage, Cappy! Cappy runs away from home and decides to live with Boss forever. When he discovers his owners are worried, he returns to home. Meanwhile, Laura accidentally breaks Kana's sketch and Kana returns home early. When Laura arrives to Kana, she learns Kana returned to home early, thanks to the cold and created lots of sketches.
22)Pashmina's Present Dexter and Howdy are bickering for the gift for Pashmina. Hamtaro and Bijou try to console them. Meanwhile, Laura must buy a gift for Travis' birthday and buys a towel.
23)Maxwell's Big Scoop! Maxwell decides to create a newspaper called "The Ham-Ham Times". Meanwhile, Laura and Kana are making a newspaper for the school.
24)Hamtaro, Please come Home! While on a walk with Laura, Hamtaro falls into a box and is taken away. Laura becomes very depressed. The Ham-Hams are also sad and enlist Elder Ham's help in search. Hamtaro meets up with Jingle, a new hamster named Sabu, his bird Francoise, and Jingle's pig, Herbert and with their help, Hamtaro returns to home and makes the Ham-Hams happy and, most of all, Laura.
25)Merry Christmas! It's Christmas time! Boss and Snoozer want to have a gift from Santa. The Ham-Hams decide to help. Meanwhile, Laura wants a doll house for the gift.
26)The Legend of the Courageous Hamtaro! Hamtaro and Laura dream about being a princess and a knight in a fairy tale.

Season 2

27)The Snowball Fight!
28)The Amazing Auntie Viv
29)The Search for Dad's Glasses!
30)Brandy's Big Race
31)Boss is a Mom!
32)Valentine's Day!
33)Let's Cross the Rainbow!
34)Watching over Cute Penelope
35)Midnight Celebration
36)Farewell Bijou!
37)Oxnard's Big Crush
38)The Precious Letter!
39)The Flying Ham-Hams!
40)The Blossom of Friendship!
41)The Scary Museum!
42)Welcome Pepper!
43)The Great Chicken Chase
44)I Love My Grandpa!
45)Ham-Ham Gang at the Aquarium!
46)The Sports Festival!
47)Romancing the Roosters
48)Ham-Ham Clubhouse in Danger!
49)In Search of the Pendant
50)Even the Ham-Hams get Seasick
51)Stan and Sandy Make Up
52)It's Robin-Ham!

Season 3

53)Pepper's Visit!
54)Pop Star
55)Laura is Really Gone!
56)Boss, the Cool Ham of the Sea!
57)Ghost Mountain!
58)The Fresh Summer Breeze!
59)In A Pinch A Rival Appears
60)The Chicken Contest
61)Treasure Hunting
62)Penelope Makes a Friend
63)The Scary Principal!
64)The Reconciliation!
65)Mimi's Dream Park!
66)The Sunflower Ferris Wheel
67)The Zoo Date
68)The Haunting
69)A Fortune Comes True!
70)The Baby Goat
71)The Animal Hospital
72)The Knitting Craze
73)A Breath of Autumn!
74)Welcome Home Penelope!
75)The Abominable Snow Woman
76)Hamtaro is a Star! (aka: Laura and the Seven Hamsters)
77)A Wonderful Santa Claus!
78)The Little Bandits!

Season 4

79)The New Year's Kite Adventure
80)Sunset Proposal
81)Stucky's Tunnel
83)Laura's Valentine
84)Roberto's Ally
85)Super Hamster Robo-Joe
86)Maria's Birthday Party
87)Nin-Ham the Ninja!
88)The Search for Spring!
89)Hamtaro and the Space Ship!
90)Boss Runs Away
91)Auntie Viv and Elder Ham
92)Hannah is in Love!
93)Doctor Lion
94)Dance, Chef Ham!
95)The Flying Carp
96)The Ham-Ham Express
97)Who Stole My Shoe?
98)Keeping Promises
99)The Very Best Present
100)How to Rescue a Wedding!
101)Office Adventures
102)Clubhouse Intruders
103)The Tale of Princess Bijou
104)The Milky Way

In other Media

  • In the Final episode of FLCL Hamtaro is referenced as being a hamster that Noata's dad had accidentally killed in Elementary School.
  • Hamtaro was spoofed as an anime idea called Sheeptaro on an episode of Hoshi no Kirby
  • In the 16th episode of InuYasha, Kagome says 'heke?' which could be a reference what most of the characters say when they are confused.


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