Swietenia mahagoni

Swietenia mahagoni

Swietenia mahagoni, commonly known as the West Indian Mahogany, is a species of Swietenia, native to southern Florida, and the islands of Cuba, Jamaica, and Hispaniola.

It is a medium-sized semi-evergreen tree growing to 30–35 m (100 ft) tall. The leaves are pinnate, 12–25 cm long, with four to eight leaflets, each leaflet 5-6 cm long and 2-3 cm broad; there is no terminal leaflet. The flowers are small, produced in panicles. The fruit is a woody capsule 5-10 cm long and 3-6 cm broad, containing numerous winged seeds.

Cultivation and uses

Swietenia mahagoni is the species from which the true original mahogany wood was produced. Supplies have now become very rare due to over-harvesting, and most mahogany marketed now comes from other related species, often with faster growth but lower wood quality.

It is also grown as an ornamental tree in subtropical and tropical regions

The word Mahagony is a Hindi/Sanskrit word which is made of two basic words Maha+Gony, which means great (maha) qualities (gony).


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