Swapnavasavadatta was produced in Marathi at panaji (Goa ) in 2003 by the theatre group ; Prabhakar Sanskrutic Sanstha under the guidence of Saish Deshpande & Anagha Deshpande.

Swapnavāsavadatta (English: The dream of Vasavadatta) is a Sanskrit play written by the ancient Indian poet Bhasa. It is probably the best known of Bhasa's works.


The story revolves around King Udayana who is pressurized by his state minister to marry the daughter of a very powerful ruler in order to gain power to protect his kingdom from foreign invasions. The king is not too keen on this proposal as he loves is wife- Vasavadatta too much to consider taking such a step. But the wife becomes ready to sacrifice her life for the kingdom and stages a fake death. She secretly returns back to the king to be with him and awaits the new wife.


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