Suzuki TS50X

Suzuki TS50X

The Suzuki TS50X was a moped that was first produced in 1984 and was discontinued in 2000.


It has a Stock 5-speed aircooled TSX engine with around 2,5 horsepowers. The Suzuki RMX/SMX has almost the same engine but it has 6-gears and is watercooled. The TSX frame is the same frame that the Suzuki RM80 has. The Suzuki TS50X is a great moped that is strong and good to drive.

The Ts50X was first developed in a small village named Hareid. It was created for small town folks from villages like Ørsta and Hareid, and is now known as one of the most popular and most sold Mopeds in Norway.

There are several ways of tuning a Ts50X:

First of all, you should buy a cylinder-kit. The most common options are Charmo, Airsal/Eurokit, Malossi. There are some more unknown cylinders like Parmakit, Zeta, Athena, Hierro and such, but these are less common today.

Then, you should buy an Exhaust or/and a bigger carburetor. The Dellorto 21mm CS is an excellent choice, and with a 92 main jet, it will run nearly perfect in any condition. This is if you have a 47mm cylinder-kit, a 21mm dellorto carburetor, or an Gianelli 50 or 80 exhaust. With sprockets at the size of about 14-54 it will run at about 85km/h, with an ok acceleration. There are several other options of tuning a Ts50x, including porting the cylinder, carve down the cylinder top, and lifting the cylinder. These demand more both theoretic and practical skill from you, so they are not recommended if you don't know the basics of 2-stroke. You can also replace the engine with a RM50x/SM50x engine, as these fit directly in the frame.

It is also very common to make EVO X's. This means to replace the outdated components on the bike with newer and more modern ones. Take for example the front forks, brake and wheel. These are developed in 1984 and are of course therefore very outdated. The brakes are bad, and combined with very soft shocks, you will not get much breaking efficiency. By replacing these you will not only get better braking effect, but also a cooler and more modernistic look.

As the people in the Ts50X environment says; The Ts50x is not a moped, it's a passion.

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