Surian ng Wikang Pambansa

Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino

The Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (Commission on the Filipino Language in English, Komisyon sa Pinulongang Filipino in Cebuano, Pagpannakabagian ti Pagsasao a Filipino in Ilokano, Komisyon na Salitan Filipino in Pangasinan) is the official regulating body of the Filipino language and the official government institution tasked with developing, preserving, and promoting the various local Philippine languages. It was established in accord with the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines and earlier in the 1930s as the Surian ng Wikang Pambansa.

One major criticism of the Commission is that it does not really do its job in developing the Filipino language. This is grounded in the fact that Filipino, to this day, is essentially Tagalog, a fact acknowledged by its current commissioner, Ricardo Maria Duran Nolasco, and with an impoverished technical and scientific vocabulary, at that, which relies heavily on foreign borrowings and, often, constructions. It is often left to the universities to develop their own respective terminologies for each field, leading to a lack of uniformity and general public disuse. The current state of the Filipino language is contrary to the intention of Republic Act (RA) No. 7104 that requires that the national language be developed and enriched by the lexicon of the country's other dialects and languages. However, Resolution 92-1, which defines the national language, does not necessarily run counter to RA No. 7104.

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