Surampalli, also spelled as Surampalle, is a village in Gannavaram Mandal in Krishna District. It is also in proximity to Vijayawada on the way from Vijayawada to Nuziveedu. Surampalli is 10 km from Vijyawada railway station and 10 km from Vijayawada Airport (Gannavaram Airport). Very frequent bus service is available from Surampalli to Vijayawada and Gannavaram regularly.

Employment and Income

Earlier the main source of income was agriculture and most of the people used to work as agricultular labour with landlords. Although after early 90s the construction of industries in surampalli has given a boost to agicultural albour who moved onto better paid jobs. Frequent transportation to vijayawada also helped people to move freely to one of the biggest citie of andhra pradesh to get better employment. Even today agriculre remain the major source of income to surampalli.

Population of Surampalli is around 7000. UCO Bank and the Krishna District Co-Operative society are the only financial institutions that provides the financial services to the people of Surampalli.


Major Industries in suramaplli are manufacturing which includes Leather, Paints, Ayurvedic, Iron, Polymer industries, etc.

Government of India have approved the setting up of IIDC at Surampally Village at an estimated cost of Rs.370.00 lakhs which will be implemented by Association of Lady Enterpreneurs of Andhra Pradesh (ALEAP). The ALEAP is developing IIDC in an area of 29 acres which is under implementation.


Times have changed from early and late 80s when 10th class was the biggest achievement in the village. Surampalli has now produced quite a few Software Consultants, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Graduates, Polytechnic Diploma holders. Kasthala Laxman is a native of Surampalli who started his primary education here and now serviing an internations organisations in London.


Late Gottepulla Krishna Rao, Kasthala Surya Prakasa Rao are the prominent post independence leaders in Suramapalli.


People belong to many castes which includes velama dora, kamma, kapu, vysya, brahmin, BC, SC and ST.

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