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The word stop has several possible meanings in the English language, but most commonly means to cease moving.

Additionally, stop can refer to:

  • STOP Programme - (An acronym for "Straight Thinking On Probation") - In some jurisdictions, offenders of certain offences, especially sexual offences, are put on a STOP programme to modify their criminal behavior.
  • STOP - (An acronym for "Safety Training Observation Program") - The STOP™ series provides a path to workplace safety excellence by making safe behavior and workplace conditions part of the work culture, thus preventing injuries and incidents. It is the most popular and successful workplace safety training on the global market today.

STOP™ programs use a combination of methods to give people the information, skills and willingness to work more safely, maximize their learning and apply what they learn to the real world. The programs feature a three-part approach:

• Individual self-study. Workbooks are used to introduce basic concepts and begin safety skill development.

• Field or application activities. STOP™ program participants practice what they have learned in their own work areas.

• Group meetings. After viewing a video, participants discuss what they have learned and consider how it can be applied.

See also

  • Bus stop, trolleybus stop and tram stop, places where the bus or tram stops for people to get on and off
  • Door stop, a wedge to stop a door from closing when you want it open
  • Stop sign, a traffic sign informing drivers to make a temporary stop
  • Terry stop, in U.S. law, a stop-and-frisk law enforcement procedure less intrusive than an arrest, so probable cause is not required
  • Truck stop, an eating establishment on a major trucking route with a large carpark for truck drivers to stop and refresh themselves, and often with other amenities available
  • Stop light, a group of lights: red, amber or green
  • Hammertime
  • A font designed by Aldo Novarese
  • Collaborate and Listen
  • Stop Descender (petzl) - equipment used for abseiling.

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