Supernatural (season 2)

Supernatural (season 2)

Season two of Supernatural, an American television series, began airing on September 28, 2006. This is the first season to air on the CW television network. Season two regular cast members include Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

This season focuses on Sam and Dean continuing to hunt demons; learning why Sam is considered to be special, and concluding the fight against the yellow eyed demon.





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For season two, the Supernatural team would bring in several recurring cast members. Samantha Ferris was cast as the owner of Harvelle's Roadhouse, Ellen Harvelle, a saloon frequented by hunters. Ferris appears in six episodes of the season. Alona Tal portrays Ellen's daughter, Jo Harvelle, who works at the Roadhouse and joins Sam and Dean on a hunting trip for one episode. She appears in four episodes. Chad Lindberg plays Ash, who lives at the Roadhouse and helps the Winchester brothers out with his computer skills. Lindberg appears in a total of four episodes. Sterling K. Brown is introduced as Gordon Walker, a hunter who Sam and Dean dissaprove of and tries to kill Sam on one accation. The character appears in two season two episodes, and returns the following season. Gabriel Tigerman acts as Andrew Gallagher, one of Azazel's "special children", who appears in two episodes. Katharine Isabelle acts as Ava Wilson, another of Azazel's "special children". The character appears in two episodes. Aldis Hodge portrays Jake Talley, one of Azazel's "special children", who kills Sam in the first episode of the two-part finale. He then opens the Devil's gate with guidence from Azazel. The character appears in both parts of the season finale.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprises his role of John Winchester. The character dies in the first episode of the season, and returns when the gate to hell is opened in the season finale. Samantha Smith returns to the series as Mary Winchester, the mother of Sam and Dean. The character appears in two episodes, one in an alternate universe and the other in a flashback. Jim Beaver plays demon hunter Bobby Singer who was introduced in the first season finale. Beaver acts in five episodes of the season. Adrianne Palicki also reprises her role of Jessica Moore. Palicki acts in one episode, with the setting of an alternate universe. Fredric Lehne acts as Azazel, a demon who had never been fully seen until the second season premiere. The character appears in three episodes, until its death in the season finale.


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