The Super-Cycle is a fictional device from DC Comics, created by Jack Kirby for his Fourth World series The Forever People.


The Super-Cycle is a piece of quasi-living New Genesis technology; it resembles a small three-wheeled car, rather than a motorcycle, and can carry several passengers. Despite having an open top, it can travel at supersonic speeds (on the ground or by flying) without harm to its passengers using electrons; it can also turn itself and its passengers intangible.

Another Super-Cycle was discovered by Young Justice and was used as their mode of transportation for a time. The two cycles act irrationally at the same time. The Young Justice's one flees on its own, while the Forever People's one has a transforming fit and almost kills Beautiful Dreamer. It is revealed that their erratic behavior was the result of a mating-cycle. The two cycles have their own equivalent of sex, which immediately results in the creation of a baby cycle named 'Kirby', in obvious honor of Jack Kirby. The Young Justice Super-Cycle returns to Earth with the team, while the Forever People's Cycle and the baby remain on New Genesis.

It is seen in the mini-series, Death of the New Gods #4 (2008) outside the Forever People's headquarters. Superman, Orion, and Mister Miracle arrive at the building to investigate the deaths of multiple New Gods. They find the Forever People had been slain many weeks ago.

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