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Sughd (Tajik: Суғд) (Sogdiana) is one of the four administrative divisions and one of the three provinces (вилоятҳо, viloyatho) that make up Tajikistan. It is located in the northwest of the country, with an area of some 25,400 square kilometers and a population of 2,132,100 (2008 est.), up from 1,870,000 according to the 2000 census and 1,558,000 in 1989.

The province shares a border with the Jizakh, Namangan, Samarkand and Fergana provinces of Uzbekistan, and the Osh and Batken provinces of Kyrgyzstan. The Syr Darya river flows through it.

It was known as Leninabad until 1991, then Leninobod until 2000, then Sogd until 2004.


The capital is Khujand (formerly Leninabad), with a population of 155,900 (2008 est.). Other major towns include:


The province is divided into 14 districts (ноҳия, nohiya or район, raion).

  1. Ayni (Aini) district
  2. Asht district
  3. Ghafurov district
  4. Ghonchi district
  5. Zafarobod district
  6. Istarawshan (Ura-Tyube) district
  7. Isfara district
  8. Konibodom district
  9. Kuhistoni Mastchoh district

  1. Mastchoh district
  2. Spitamen district
  3. Panjakent district
  4. Rasulov (Jabbor Rasulov) district

  1. Shahriston district

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