Stratum (disambiguation)

  • A stratum (plural: strata) is the basic unit of lithologic stratigraphy.
  • In telecommunications, the term stratum is used to describe the quality of a clock used for synchronization. The ANSI Synchronization Interface Standard T1.101 defines profiles for clock accuracy at each stratum level, as does ITU standard G.810, and Telecordia/Bellcore standards GR-253 and GR-1244.
  • The term stratum is also used to define the levels in the hierarchy of clocks defined by the Network Time Protocol. There is no direct relationship between the NTP synchronization stratum levels and those of the ITU or ANSI-defined synchronization hierarchy: in NTP, stratum numbers are incremented each time a clock is passed from one device to another, while in telecommunications, the same stratum level can be passed from device to device.
  • Stratum (Netherlands) is a former village, now a neighbourhood of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

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