STP or standard temperature and pressure, standard conditions for measurement of the properties of matter. The standard temperature is the freezing point of pure water, 0°C; or 273.15°K;. The standard pressure is the pressure exerted by a column of mercury (symbol Hg) 760 mm high, often designated 760 mm Hg. This pressure is also called one atmosphere and is equal to 1.01325×10 6 dynes per sq cm, or approximately 14.7 lb per sq in. The density (mass per volume) of a gas is usually reported as its value at STP. Properties that cannot be measured at STP are measured under other conditions; usually the values obtained are then mathematically extrapolated to their values at STP.
The three letter acronym STP can have several meanings:


  • Straight Through Processing is a banking term where a financial transaction is automatically completed without manual intervention.
  • STP is a motor oil company.
  • STP is the process for developing marketing strategy through segmenting the market, targeting a segment and then positioning the product or brand.
  • STP is the New York Stock Exchange symbol for Suntech Power Holdings, a Chinese manufacturer of photovoltaic cells
  • Situation Target Proposal, common term used in project management.



Sports and recreation

  • 25 m Standard Pistol, a shooting sport
  • Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, an annual one and two day supported bicycle ride from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon
  • Street Trail Park "STP" a type of bicycle manufactured by Giant. It is a purpose built bicycle aimed at Stunts and Tricks such as Trials, Dirt Jumping and Street skills.
  • STP is the street name (an acronym for "Serenity, Tranquility & Peace") for the hallucinogenic drug 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine which is referred to as "DOM" in scientific literature.
  • STP is an acronym for "Strength, Toughness, and Pride". It is a conditioning drill performed by Harrison High School, who are known to have the most state championships in the state of Michigan.

Scientific and technical

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